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Volume 14 - Number 1
Winter/Spring 2013

Front and Center
By Jerry Thacker

Centerboard: Getting the Right People on Board
By Tom Lothamer
Choosing people to be on your PCC board is not like picking names from a hat. This article lays out the steps of the process.

Pregnancy and Women with HIV
By Sarah Bentley
Information is available to assist you in giving good counsel to a pregnant woman who is HIV positive as she faces concerns for the health of her baby.

Doing the Baby Bottle Boomerang
By Elaine Ham
Check out these 10 amazing tips that have helped many centers meet financial goals with a minimal amount of effort.

A Special Christmas Gift
By Sherry Camelleri
Some of the best gifts are not gift wrapped and topped with a big red bow. When they come unexpectedly, they are extra special.

Ministering to Mothers Following a Miscarriage
By Alana Terry
Helping a mom work through the loss of a pre-born baby is delicate. Do your counselors know what to say and what to skip?

Providing Medically Accurate Information Regarding Emergency Contraception
By Thomas A. Glessner, J.D. and Audrey Stout, RN, RDMS
Contrary to popular opinion, studies show that the use of emergency contraceptives does not necessarily reduce unintended pregnancy rates. Moreover, their use may be responsible for increased health concerns.

The Favor of God
By Mark Hiehle
Does God have favorite people? If so, who are they? If not, what does His favor mean for you and your center?

I Can't Ask My Friends for Money!
By Ron Haas
Drawing from a New Testament parable, this article gives seven principles to encourage persistent, effective, and bold asking.

Marketing 101: First Impressions
By Jerry Thacker
First impressions make lasting impressions. What visuals are impressed on your clients' minds after visiting your center for the first time? Take a look from their perspective.

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