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Building a
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Tom Lothamer

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Building a Foundation
of Prayer for Your
Board of Directors

by Tom Lothamer

By not spending a significant amount of time in prayer, boards are missing one
of the greatest opportunities for fellowship with the Lord and each other.

At the first meeting I attended as a member of our local school board, one of my colleagues asked, "What is our role as board members? What are our responsibilities?" These good questions led to our completion a few years later of a manual that defined our roles and responsibilities.

These are questions that board members of PCCs should ask, but I believe the answers are not open-ended. There are right answers and wrong answers. Webster defines a board as "a group of persons who manage or control a business, school system, etc." In the context of a PCC, a board governs the affairs of the ministry. This group provides guidance and counsel, holds authority over the organization, and has a passion for its mission.

In future columns, I'll share ideas and stories that will help board members and directors alike understand the all-important role of the board member. But first, let me share the most important aspect of board governance for ministries—prayer!

In many Christian organizations, only a few moments at the beginning and end of a board meeting are given to prayer. Boards generally have so much to accomplish that they feel they must say a brief prayer and quickly get down to business.

By not spending a significant amount of time in prayer, boards are missing one of the greatest opportunities for fellowship with the Lord and each other. At your next board meeting, place prayer at the beginning and end of your agenda as usual. But this time spend some quality time in sharing the Word and communing in prayer—maybe an hour or more.

By fervently seeking God's face and pleading our case before Him we:
• Show that we understand the importance and power of prayer
• Acknowledge that this ministry is God's, not ours
• Depend on His power and provision
• Seek His leading and His glory in all things

Pray with this attitude and see what great things the Lord will reveal to you about His desires for His ministry.

Tom Lothamer is the executive director of Baptists for Life. Partners in Ministry is a service of BFL to pregnancy care centers.

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