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The Process-Success Stories

October 2003
By: Dan Mead
Women come to your pregnancy care center for help and direction. They want help with the complications and problems brought about by their pregnancy, but you also have an opportunity to deal with the underlying spiritual problem. Only God can change a heart, but He wants to use you to bring about that change.
The Process is a program that
provides spiritual feeding,
encouragement, and education
about everyday issues. The
Process materials arrive
through nine mailings over a
twenty-seven week period, free
of charge to the recipient. All
material is personalized for
each center so that the
recipient makes a connection
between the center and the
material they are getting.

Since introducing The Process to pregnancy care centers, Lifehelp has received many stories of God's using this simple means to engage and keep clients interacting with the Truth.

The following accounts are taken from the experiences of centers and demonstrate how The Process is being used.

Linda Stewart, director of Birth Choice in Guthrie, Oklahoma, shares these two stories of how God uses The Process to open hearts that look nailed shut:

One day last fall, a 41-year-old mother called our center requesting an abortion appointment for her teenage daughter. I explained that our clinic did not perform abortions but that I could give her information and resources. Still, she was adamant that abortion was the only solution for their problem.

When we met I asked if they had any spiritual beliefs. She said, "No, and I don't want to hear about yours." The door seemed closed to sharing God's view of the unborn. As we talked, "Vickie" revealed that her own mother had taken her for an abortion at the same age as her now pregnant daughter. She admitted that it had ruined her relationship with her mother, but she saw no other way out for her daughter. Again, I tried to share that God could work in this situation if they would let Him. I offered to send The Process for them to read and think about at home. Vickie agreed to read it if we sent it.

A few weeks later Vickie called to thank me for the materials we'd sent and to let me know that they were going to let their baby live. She now needed referrals for prenatal care, WIC, and other services for her daughter. What a wonderful change! I believe The Process played a big part in their decision for Life.

That same day, a teen came in for a pregnancy test. She was very bitter about religion and Christians in particular. She made it clear she didn't want to talk about Jesus. Our volunteer very casually offered her The Process. The volunteer did not really expect her to take it, but she did.

As the weeks went on, "Kathy" was much more open to talking about God. I didn't know it then, but Kathy had requested over twenty follow-up resources from Lifehelp and had indicated that she had made a decision for Christ. Gradually, Kathy has started asking questions about God's authority in her life. She even told me (shortly before her baby was born), "I wouldn't be pregnant if I'd done things God's way. I shouldn't have had sex, and I shouldn't have been so rebellious."

A director from a rural Michigan center sent this story:

We first saw this client a few months ago. Over the following weeks we developed a relationship with her. We found out that she was a believer in Christ and had come to the realization that her life did not match her belief in Jesus. She shared that she married a man who did not know Jesus. She was also aware that many of her recent decisions were causing serious problems in her life. She enrolled in The Process and says that it has helped her get back on track. She asked us to pray for her unsaved husband. She leaves The Process around where he can read it on his own, praying that God will use it to bring her husband to Jesus.

The next story tells of one client who worked with three different volunteers over a five-month period. In many cases it takes time for the Truth to bear fruit.

When we first saw this special-needs client, she came in with five of her six children. We had only enough time to begin to address her special need. Two weeks later she came again, and we talked about the Lord. She listened intently and then signed up for The Process .

Three months later she came back. We talked about her need of receiving Christ, and that day she humbly prayed to receive Christ as her Savior.

Alpha Women's Center shares this story:

A young Hispanic woman came to us for help. After addressing her physical need, I asked her what she knew about Jesus and about Heaven. She said that she was going to Heaven because she was good and that she didn't believe she was a sinner. Using the Bill Fay Method, Share Jesus Without Fear, I showed her specific verses in the Bible. She did understand, and I was able to lead her to the Lord. So neat! She said after we prayed, "I feel so clean, I feel like I've had a bath!" I enrolled her in The Process from Lifehelp. She is interacting with the Truth and growing in the Lord.

The value of The Process to clients is clearly reflected in this comment sent to Lifehelp by a pregnancy care center client: "I have had some extremely bad things happen to me recently, and I am only getting through it because of what I'm learning in Lifehelp."

We share these stories in order to encourage you. As we share Christ and present the Truth, God changes lives from the inside out. Together we can accomplish what none of us can do alone.

To discover how your center can utilize The Process with your clients, call 1-800-503-2214 or write Lifehelp at 4318 Plainfield NE, Grand Rapids, MI 49525.

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