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MARKETING 101: You Would Look Good in Pictures

October 2003
By: Jerry Thacker
Our society is video saturated. The TV networks have conditioned us to expect to see events as they happen. That millions of us have video camcorders almost assures that all events of note will be caught on tape. In fact, monitoring cameras put the average American on video dozens of times per day (store cams, bank cams, work cams, traffic cams, news cams, etc.).

The use of video as a means of promoting your CPC is something you should consider. Since the work of your volunteers is usually confidential and private, it may be difficult for a prospective donor or volunteer to observe or visualize what actually goes on as you counsel and work with young women.

The creation of a general video that is less than ten minutes in length but which shows the benefits of what you do can be both affordable and rewarding. People give to what they can visualize. So, consider asking one of those donors on your "sweethearts" list for the $5,000 that it would take to produce a master video. You can use the video for years. You can duplicate it and send it out to prospective new donors (or take it to them--that's even better). And you can use it at banquets, at civic meetings, and in other venues to show what you're all about.

At one banquet we attended, the video was used in place of a speaker that year. Using the video helped save the center money and helped attendees understand much better what they were giving to.

The Right Ideas Network has a video that is built on a modular format that can be customized for your center. If you are interested in receiving a sample video, request one by e-mail at or call 610-944-9445. If you like, an associate can talk with you about creating a video for your CPC.

In the meantime--smile! You're on candid camera!

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Jerry Thacker, B.A., M.A., is president of Right Ideas, Inc., and Publisher of At the Center. He can be reached at

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