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April 2005
By: Jim Coles
We need to have a for the future, but without
a solid plan to reach our goals, s are vapors.
And a solid plan needs a financial strategy.

Serving at a pregnancy resource center is an incredible blessing! Seeing the results of the work we do in the care-giving arm of the Pro-Life movement is very rewarding. However, is it possible for us to be more effective? Have we reached our full potential? Can we reach more abortion-minded clients and help save more precious pre-born babies? I believe we must stop "dabbling" at our service to Him!

Killing innocent babies is very profitable. Those who are employed in the abortion industry are compensated well for it. Although pregnancy resource centers outnumber abortion providers, we typically don't have the resources to be equally "competitive."

Proverbs 29:18 says, "Where there is no , the people perish." Do you have a for the future of your center? Do you have a solid plan for how to attain your goals? Do you have a financial strategy for how to fund your plan?

It is my prayer that you will find great encouragement from the following testimony of how the Lord has helped us further His kingdom through a specific fundraising strategy.

I have been the director of LifeLine since 1996. Our office is in the small town of Grover Beach, California. The neighboring city of San Luis Obispo is a thriving college town, yet there isn't an evangelical pregnancy help center located there.

When you put
together a small
group of committed
pro-life golfers, it's
incredible how
much money they
can raise

My was to open a second center in San Luis by January 2005. Our board of directors prayed about it and agreed to use the proceeds from our annual 100-hole golf marathon to move into that city. On September 14 with only twenty-eight participants, we raised just over $100,000!

Last week we signed a five-year lease for the perfect location for our new LifeLine Crisis Pregnancy Center in San Luis. We were also able to hire a full-time Director of Client Services for our new outreach.

The local Planned Parenthood is a very busy place. Up until now there has not been a viable challenge for the hearts, souls, minds, and bodies of the young people of our community. We are now poised to offer real and tangible alternatives to the "solution" offered at that busy place.

One of my objectives since joining this battle for the unborn is to help other Christ-centered organizations be more effective. Since our center has experienced such consistent financial success from our annual marathon, I wanted to offer this proven fundraising plan to other centers. Kingdom Partners has been established for that purpose.

Fundraising used to be overwhelming, but now it is fun, simple, and extremely fruitful! Our consultants are looking forward to traveling the country and implementing this plan for centers that request help in the area of fundraising.

Besides being the Director of LifeLine, I am a golf professional and have been a member of the PGA of America since 1984. I've shot course records, and I have won many professional golf tournaments over the years, but my involvement with Kingdom Partners has eternal rewards that far outweigh my successes in competitive golf.

Many groups have hosted typical fundraising golf tournaments that are labor intensive and that, in the final analysis, don't pay off very well. Our marathon event is not a typical golf fundraiser.

The year 2005 will be our first full year of scheduling marathons for Christian groups. My burden is for moms and babies, so we are giving CPCs the first chance at this exciting opportunity.

This fundraising strategy works because people support people. When you put together a small group of committed pro-life golfers, it's incredible how much money they can raise.

Many centers have tremendous for expansion and for fulfilling God's purposes for their ministry. However, shortcomings in fundraising may have kept them from realizing those goals. If that has been your situation, don't lose hope.

My dream of opening a new center in San Luis Obispo became a reality because of our marathon. May God get the glory for future testimonies like ours as He directs our paths in everything we do—even fundraising.

Jim Coles is Executive Director of LifeLine CPC. Contact LifeLine CPC to schedule a marathon or learn more about Kingdom Partners. Phone: (805) 471-2214, e-mail:, web site:

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