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She was an Atheist

April 2005
By: Christa March
Founder and Executive Director of Teen Mother Choices, Inc.

By the time Laura joined our center, we had been serving parenting teenage mothers for nearly 10 years. We thought we had seen and heard everything about teenage mothers, and then came Laura. The minute Laura became a member of our northern office we knew she was unique. You see, as with every teenage mother applying to be a part of our program, Laura learned that she would be hearing about Jesus Christ and that all those involved with us were Christians. This did not please Laura — . However, she joined our organization because she needed the childcare to finish high school. During the time she was with us she saw Christ lived out before her in the lives of her mentor, her office's Director of Student Services, and the various other volunteers who worked with us. Laura was able to finish high school and find full-time employment. She now owns a home in a nearby town. Recently, at a gathering for our alumni, Laura made the following statement, "Through Teen Mother Choices, I found full-time employment and financial stability. I was able to buy a house and spend more time with my daughter ... and I found God."

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