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Adoption Completes a Family

October 2005
By: Martha Cramer
About twenty years ago I was working in a retail store and going to college. My supervisor was very understanding as she had two daughters who also were working their way through college. Our store was small with about ten employees, so we were able to get to know each other in a personal way. When one of us had a problem, it was not just one individual's problem; it was more like a family issue. We always leaned on each other and helped with whatever we could to solve problems, and that brought us close. To this day we still keep in touch with each other.

During the time that I was employed, I had a co-worker who became pregnant. She did not want to continue the relationship with the father of the baby, and she wanted to find a way out of her situation. In learning about what was going on with Mary (not her real name), I shared with her that I too had had to make that important decision. We both knew that an abortion would be out of the question. I told her what I knew about adoption and told her that she could give a great gift by giving her child an opportunity to be with a family that would be able to love and care for him.

At that time I was attending a support group. We included my friend Mary in our prayers. In my group was a woman who had friends on the East Coast who were looking to adopt a baby. When Jane heard my prayer request, she asked about the possibility of meeting Mary. Mary was agreeable, and Jane told her about this couple that had tried for years to adopt a baby.

The couple flew out to meet with Mary, and thus began a true, lasting relationship for all of them. Mary consented to the adoption. She chose open adoption and has been in touch with her son and has received many letters and pictures. Mary is now married and has children of her own.

I recently visited a church during a fundraiser and ran into Jane. She boasted about the child that we had brought to this wonderful family. He is now in college and doing well. It is deeply satisfying to see God's hand of blessing in an adoption. Every child truly is a gift from God. When a child is joined with a loving husband and wife, God completes a family.

I pray that this story will touch the life of a woman who is grappling with the difficult decisions regarding her pregnancy.

Martha Cramer is a pregnancy testing center director.

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