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Your Special Assignment

April 2001
By: Yvonne Williams
It is no exaggeration to say that your job at the pregnancy center is a noble undertaking. If you were not there to be of help, your clients might not have anywhere else to turn. You are God's instrument. You help clients during difficult times as they deal with their life-changing problems. At times you may feel that yours is a thankless job, but the women you have helped thank you. They thank you for helping them gain the right perspective. They thank you for giving them real choices and hope.

God thanks you in other ways. He often expresses His thanks in the form of blessings -- blessings that help you see the value of what you do. Perhaps you have had the opportunity during an ultrasound to look into the face of a baby whose mother you were assisting. Perhaps you have had the great pleasure of watching a child for whom you were an advocate develop into a teenager or graduate from high school. Perhaps you have had the honor of worshiping in church next to someone who was once that baby in the womb you had helped save. These may seem like small blessings, but they aren't small. Every life you touch has the potential to become a new member of God's Kingdom.

When a woman comes to you for help, she is in a difficult, life-changing situation. She needs answers to questions such as: Am I pregnant? How can I afford to have this baby? How can I stay in school? How will my parents react? How will I care for a baby? Your client is in great need of a confidential advocate who will help her find the answers to her questions and the resources to meet her physical needs. Perhaps most importantly, you can help your client decide to love her baby and to make the personal sacrifices needed to allow that baby to be born.

There isn't a single solution that will make all your clients' problems go away. Money may meet a few needs, but no amount of money will meet the deepest needs. Some clients are all alone in the world. Some are fearful. Some are depressed. Some have been abandoned. You can't magically produce a loving boyfriend or husband. You can't erase all their fears or loneliness. You can't relieve all their depression. But you can give the gifts of help, hope, and encouragement. Your help gives her a new vision for her future, a vision with new possibilities. The gift of hope enables her to love her baby, realizing she can do what she needs to do to bring her child into the world. The gift of encouragement gives her strength and direction to seek the answer she needs for her baby's future (be it parenting or adoption).

Your calling is to be a help for women and babies. What you are doing is difficult, and much of your help requires expensive services. Since you don't charge for your services, you have to find ways to provide funds for these services. You must also find ways to meet the center's expenses. So fundraising is another of your many challenges. Without wanting to, you may have acquired a good bit of experience giving banquets and arranging other fundraising events. You have had to become competent in business administration. And, as if your job weren't complicated enough, the rules of the IRS and your state government are neither simple nor flexible. It costs you greatly to give freely of what you have, but you know you can give because you remember the words of Jesus, "As you have done it to the least of these, you have done it to me" (Matthew 25:40).

You have the privilege of being part of God's answer to the women and babies of this time. Throughout history, God has used special people to serve in special assignments. We who serve in pregnancy centers are similar in many ways to these special people. Think of Moses' sister Miriam, who watched the baby being placed into the river and then bravely went to the Pharaoh's daughter and offered to find a nurse. Remember the midwives who stood up to Pharaoh when he commanded the baby boys to be killed at birth. Recall Esther, who took personal risks to perform her God-given directives. You are a combination of these stories, and you are part of the working of God's will in this time. Moses was spared as a baby. There won't be another Moses, but God will keep and utilize those He redeems. Bringing people to Him -- that's .

Yvonne Williams served for more than twenty-five years as director of a pregnancy center in Boulder, CO. Presently she works for Care Net as a Regional Consultant for pregnancy centers and is Board Chair at the Caring Pregnancy Center of Estes Valley. Yvonne also works with Ramah International and Fathers & Brothers. She can be reached at

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