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January 2001
By: Sydna Massé
Abstinence Survival Kit (ASK)

This resource contains information about abstinence-until-marriage education. It discusses the differences between the abstinence-until-marriage plan (rationale and skills for saving sex until marriage) and the risk-reduction plan (skills for contraception and postponement). It lists myths, opinions, and facts dealing with both plans. It gives tips for addressing the public in such areas as letters to the editor and public speaking on the subject. The Kit also exposes the opponents of the abstinence-until-marriage agenda. The main components in an abstinence-until-marriage education are listed. The kit includes an order form for the Directory of Abstinence Resources for $25.00. The Directory includes available curriculum.

The Kit is available for $30.00 from
Abstinence Clearinghouse
801 E 41st St
Sioux Falls, SD 57105

Abortion Recovery for Teens & Twenties (ART)

This is a Bible study book written to target younger women who have had abortions in their recent history. The purpose of ART is to lead women to a recovery program sooner to avoid some of the post abortion problems and to help them discover the plan God has for their lives. ART is different from other abortion recovery books because it focuses on issues these younger women are often facing such as, parents, dating, peer pressure, and deciding what the future holds for them. The authors themselves both experienced abortions while in their teens and suffered needlessly for many years. The books cost $7.50 each. There is also a Leader's Guide, which is sold separately.

Order from:
Frontlines Publishing
300 State Street
Grand Rapids, MI 49503
Phone: (616) 233-0515
Fax: (616) 233-0898

Tract - Steps to Healing

Written by Sydna Masse, author of the book Her Choice to Heal. This tract is a condensed form of her book and testimony of post-abortion healing. The tract can be read and ordered at or directly from American Tract Society at 1-800-54-TRACT.

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