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Giving Time, Giving Hope

January 2006
By: Nicole Speer
A typical day as a crisis pregnancy counselor may be something like this: wipe the sleep out of your exhausted eyes, make a cup of coffee, sit at the feet of Jesus to get refreshed, shower, dress, put on your make-up, and go off to the center.

After arriving at the center, you hug a few ladies, have your morning prayer time, get your list of potential clients for the day, and get settled in your room. You then find and review client files, which can be a little discouraging—especially when you see you have a 15-year-old with her two small children coming for clothes and formula, followed by an abortion-seeking 24-year-old who is pregnant with a married man's baby. You pray for strength and wisdom for the right words to say that could lead them to the Lord.

Then, one of your fellow counselors hands you a letter that came in the mail. It reads something like this:

"If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, 'Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,' but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit?" (James 2:15-16)

Dear Counselors, Volunteers, and Prayer Warriors,

Thank you for the time you give at the Crisis Pregnancy Center. Be encouraged and know that you are making a difference where it matters. You touched my life greatly when I needed an answer in my crisis pregnancy. From the time I called, until the time I made my decision, I felt extremely comfortable.


As a young Christian girl, I felt that I would be judged, and that is not what happened at all. What I received was honesty, love, and hope. I was told about the options: adoption or parenting. This was very helpful to me—a 23-year-old, pregnant, scared, single girl.

As I talked and prayed with my counselor several times, I considered the family support and plan that I had. I decided that I would parent my son. I got much closer to the Lord through the counseling process and realized that some day I would like to give back to the center. By helping young women who were searching, I could return just a small portion of what God had given me.

I am now married to the father of my three-year old son. He was saved more than one year ago, and I am working as a counselor at the same agency that brought me hope. I pray each day that I could be a little more like Jesus in all I do. I thank God that there are people who are willing to counsel, work behind the scenes, and pray for young women who are struggling with one of the biggest decisions of their lives.

You are doing what the Lord has asked. You are not just saying that you will help—you are taking action. Thank you for giving to the Lord, because now there are three lives that are changed for His glory. Thank you for showing me that my crisis pregnancy could become my opportunity.

In Christ, Your Client

You gently put the letter down as you recognize the name on it. You realize that you were her counselor—the one who invested time, prayers, and energy into her life. You have no idea exactly what you said that affected her so greatly, but you are deeply moved. It not only affected her, but also her child and husband. You smile, knowing that the Lord worked through you. You are encouraged once again to serve another day. You bow your head and give God the glory saying, "Father, it's an honor and a privilege to work for You. Amen."

Nicole Speer is a volunteer counselor at New Hope Family Services in New York.

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