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Mentors Needed

April 2006
By: Emily Cook
I knew that there was a God the first time I held my baby in my arms. I realized that the Lord had His hand on me ever since I was born, but after experiencing the miracle of childbirth, I could see His hand in all of creation so much more clearly. For nine months I ate potatoes and slept ten hours a night. Then I birthed this beautiful little child with lungs, a heart, dimples, and an adorably smashed face. I was amazed by how little I really had to do with this miracle. It is such a typical, ordinary thing—the birth of a child—yet it is hard to miss the Master's touch in each new masterpiece.

At our center, we firmly believe that God loves every woman and every unborn child that comes through our doors. We imitate His love by loving them both and by encouraging women to choose life for the babies they carry. However, abortion is only one of the problems we fight here. The fact is that many women who come to us for pregnancy tests have no intention of aborting their babies. Yet these women, while they may be pro-life, are often carrying heavy burdens—troubled relationships, abuse in the home, single parenting, and poverty, just to name a few. Many of them are fighting these battles without the Lord and are barely keeping their own heads above water. Now they find themselves responsible for another life.


Our center now offers the "Earn While You Learn" program to all of our pregnant clients. They meet weekly with a mentor for lessons on pregnancy and parenting. For completing these lessons and homework, they earn "mommy money" which they can use to "buy" diapers, baby clothes, strollers, cribs, and everything in between.

In addition to meeting the physical needs of our clients and their babies, our program aims to break cycles of abuse and neglect by equipping women to face the challenges of parenting. The individual attention that we give clients in this program allows for friendships to blossom. This is an opportunity to show Christian love to women in need.

Mentoring requires a time commitment. Meetings are arranged on an individual basis, mornings or evenings, and mothers with small children are encouraged to bring them along. This is a great ministry opportunity for Christian mothers and grandmothers to prayerfully consider helping to guide a pregnant woman who may be scared, confused, and wondering how she will possibly raise a child alone.

These pregnant mothers will soon hold their firstborn miracles in their arms and may understand for the first time that there is a God. Who will be there to tell them His name?

Emily Cook volunteers at Alpha Omega Women's Care Center in Hillsdale, Michigan.

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