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April 2007
By: Jerry Thacker
During college I had the privilege of working my way through school. Yes, I still made A's in my major and a bunch of B's in other subjects and the occasional C, but I probably learned as much about work and faith simply by laboring to pay for things in a contemporaneous manner.

Since I have a face for radio, I worked as an announcer on the religious/classical station owned by the school and also did hours and hours of tape editing of the morning programs created by the school's departed founder, Dr. Bob Jones, Sr. One of the things I noticed about the way Dr. Bob signed off with his prayer almost every morning through the literally thousands of programs I edited was the repeated phrase, "God keep us faithful." As a seasoned evangelist and leader, Dr. Bob understood just how hard it is for us to stay faithful. The hymn writer put it best when he wrote, "Prone to wander, Lord, I feel it, prone to leave the God I love." We all get weary in well doing. When our hearts get ripped out by the tragedies of life or we see it happen in the lives of others, we understand that wandering is in our nature.

As we labor to help those who are hurting because of their own sin or the sin of others, and as we experience empathy for them in their plight, there are times when we want to "throw in the towel." But God has called us to faithfulness. In His will and in His time, He will bring all things out for His glory and our good. Hang in there. And be faithful to the end. God will be faithful to you. We have His promises.

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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