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How to Impart the Love of Jesus Christ to Today's Post-Abortive Women

January 2008
By: Sydna Massé
Here are several ideas for loving women in the midst of pain:

Encourage them to read their Bibles—Nothing is more inspirational than reading about Jesus healing the blind, ministering to the oppressed, and loving the sinful. Create a daily reading plan that includes reading one chapter in the New Testament, one in Psalms, and one in Proverbs each day. If they agree to do this for 30 days, the results will be amazing!

Involve them in a Post-Abortion Bible Study—When women meet others who share their pain, God's ministering Spirit is recognized and the healing spreads. The best thing you can do is to help them to deal with their pain.

Don't be a Pharisee—Post-abortive women will listen to every word you say, waiting for condemnation. Temper every word and be very careful not to say anything she could perceive as judgmental. In all ways, show her love and respect. Keep in mind that she will overhear your conversations and be blessed when you speak well of her to others.

Dispel the stoning myth—If you are not post-abortive, you can be an incredible window to the Christian community that says you are there to help and not to judge. But for the grace of God, many of you could also have found your way into an abortion clinic. God can use you to be His arms of love to these women. How incredible they feel when they realize you know their darkest secret and love them anyway!

Sydna A. Massé is the founder and president of Ramah International. Ramah provides inexpensive Web site design for pregnancy care centers and a detailed booklet on Internet ministry entitled: Go Ye into the World: Ministering on the World Wide Web. For more information visit or contact Sydna at 941-473-2188 or write to Ramah International, 1776 Hudson St., Englewood, FL 34223.

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