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April 2008
By: Dinah Monahan
What do scrapbooking and keeping in touch with your churches have in common? They are the perfect match. In a rural community, chances are you are the only PCC in town, and your churches are aware of you. For us, churches are our lifeblood! It is important for us to stay in front of our Christian church congregations, and scrapbooking is the way.

Scrapbooking sample provided by Living Hope Women's Centers, Show Low, Arizona.

Each month, we have a "Baby of the Month." It is usually a client's baby, but the little one can be a baby from the Hope House, our maternity home. Our client fills out a form that asks questions like: "How has the clinic helped you?" and "What do you think of your client advocate?" The questions and answers allow us to weave together a vignette of the mother's needs and how we are filling them. The photo is only of the baby. (We have the mom sign a release form.) The vignette starts with "My name is ____. My mommy comes to LHWC..."

We also list our Praise Reports, Prayer Requests, and Needs. All of this is done in a scrapbooking format with buttons, ribbon, beautiful paper, and all the embellishments of a good scrapbook page. We then get 60 color copies of this page at our local printer. Technology is so good that they look like the original, buttons and all! We send the copied pages to all the area churches plus a few to out-of-town churches that support us. Chances are, if you go to any church in our town, you will see our Baby of the Month page proudly displayed on their bulletin board.

This hasn't brought in any huge donations; however, it definitely has kept us in front of our supporters and is some of the best positive public relations we could create. In addition, the mothers of the featured babies feel like their babies are famous!

Dinah Monahan is Executive Director of Living Hope Women's Centers in Arizona. For more information, go to

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