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April 2009
By: Jerry Thacker
Some things change; some things stay the same.

With this issue of At the Center, you'll find several noteworthy changes. First, we've added two NEW features you'll want to read. "At the College Town Center" discusses the special opportunities and challenges that running a center near a college entails. The second new feature, "Tech Advice," is being written by computer guru Ken Freeman.

In addition to these exciting columns that will be presented regularly, this issue has a lot of good advice for ministering effectively in our broken world. I hope you'll take the time to look at each article since the topics are both timely and wise.

And don't forget that all articles from more than 9 years of At the Center are in our on-line library. Go to "Search" and type in any topic you wish to review. If it has to do with the pro-life movement or pregnancy care center, we've probably written something about it. Happy Reading!

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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