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July 2009
By: Jerry Thacker
As the recession continues unabated, there has never been a time when the services of a pregnancy care center are more needed. Statistics tell us that during recessions, the number of baby births goes down as people put off having children. Add to this the most pro-abortion President and administration in Washington, D.C., that we've had in recent date and immediately you can see the problem.

Abortions may trend up, but make no mistake—when a young woman has an unplanned pregnancy, she will look for help from any quarter. That's why it's important for us to 'be there' for the young woman and her baby.

Statistics also tell us that the smart businessperson increases their advertising in a recession rather than dialing it down. That's why I've included in this issue an article on billboard purchasing and use. Please read it. Whether you have used billboards in the past or not, now is the time to shop for bargains in billboard advertising. You may even be able to get billboard space (and time with the new digital boards) donated by the local companies that service your area. It is estimated that it takes about four exposures to any given ad message for a person to remember it and perhaps act upon it. So, that bell you heard is not just noise. It signals the beginning of another round in the fight to preserve the lives of the unborn. In addition, being wise in making ourselves available and our desire to help known is part of a winning marketing strategy.

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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