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Abortion: The Sequel

July 2009
By: Muriel Larson
If he had been conceived today, he might never have lived to be born. Robbie, his mother, was a 16-year-old girl who eloped with her sweetheart John. After a month, they returned home broke. Robbie's parents let her come back home. Assuming authority, they annulled the marriage and forbade Robbie to see John. After John took off for California, they learned Robbie was pregnant.

In those days, most people frowned on the idea of abortion. Following the custom of sending a pregnant daughter away "to visit relatives" for a while, her parents sent her to a Christian home for unwed mothers to have her baby and place it for adoption.

A Christian couple, which yearned for a child but couldn't have one, adopted Robbie's baby shortly after he was born. Naming him Jerry, they loved him dearly and reared him to love and follow the Lord. When Jerry was 16, God called this special lad into His service. Since then, Jerry has sung and preached the Gospel throughout the world at revivals, crusades, and even at a Presidential National Prayer Breakfast.

However, would this man and others like him be born alive if they were conceived today?

Millions of Babies Killed

More than a million babies are aborted in America every year—at least 125 every hour of every day, thus making abortion a common, everyday occurrence.
"It's not a baby," declared pro-abortion people. "It's just a fetus." In some states, if an expectant mother takes drugs while carrying her baby and the baby is born addicted, she is sent to prison. If she aborts the child she is carrying, she is still considered a good law-abiding citizen—but not in God's opinion.

Regardless of the popular legend today, a fetus is a living human being. The psalmist wrote, "Your eyes saw my unformed substance; in your book were written, every one of them, the days that were formed for me, when as yet there was none of them" (139:16).
By the time the baby is three months along, he is fully formed and recognizable as a human being with a face, eyes, nose, mouth, tiny arms and legs, and internal organs. Soon the mother can feel the moving arms and legs of that tiny human being. Her doctor can hear the heartbeat of her baby—and can even tell whether it is a boy or a girl. That is not just a fetus; it is a living human being! The person who participates in the killing of a baby breaks one of God's Ten Commandments: "You shall not murder" (Exodus 20:13).

A Lifetime of Grieving and Guilt

When we disobey God's Word, we reap the consequences. According to Galatians 6:7-8, we reap what we sow.
It's so easy to be sucked into a lifetime of grief. A girl or a woman can walk into an abortion clinic and an hour later walk out free of that little human encumbrance that may have kicked her on her way in. But is she really free?

Do they tell her at the clinic about the guilt and psychological pain she may experience after having an abortion? Do they explain how the guilt, psychological pain, or physical complications may affect her future life? Do they explain that this might be the only child she will ever have? I doubt it.
An acquaintance of mine became engaged and began a sexual relationship with her fiancé (which many young adults mistakenly believe is perfectly acceptable!). When she became pregnant, she panicked. She realized that she didn't really want to marry her fiancé after all. "But how can I tell my parents?" she wondered. "My getting pregnant out of wedlock would just about kill them!" After much turmoil, she decided to get an abortion.

"Through the years after that abortion," Beth told me, "every time I thought about it, I ached inside. Often when I'd see a child that was about the age my baby would have been, it caused me pain."
Feelings of guilt can play havoc in the lives of those who have had abortions. Who knows how many women labor under the burden of guilt caused by having done away with their babies? Some may resort to drugs or alcohol. One married woman I knew, who had an abortion because the child would have been an 'inconvenience,' turned from Jesus Christ and the Bible to embrace the new-age religion.

Delivered from the Shackles of Guilt and Grief

For some years, Beth suffered the guilt and pain, even though she was active in church. When she was 37, however, she turned completely to the Lord. The Holy Spirit revealed to her that she was a lost sinner and Jesus Christ had died for her sins—and she was saved. She also was delivered from guilt and pain.

Yes, there is a remedy for the aftermath of abortion: the precious blood of Jesus Christ that washes us clean and white as snow and heals us (Isaiah 53:5). And here is where His church can step in and make a difference in the lives of those who are haunted by the murders they committed—or those who may be tempted to commit immorality or have an abortion. We can work together in every possible way to reach the lost: through personal witnessing and soul-winning, through evangelistic meetings, through distributing tracts, through supporting home missions, and through united and individual specific prayer for the lost.

In all this may we demonstrate the love and compassion of our Lord and His ever-willingness to forgive. When God forgives us of past sins, we can forgive ourselves.

As 'Dr. Muriel,' Muriel Larson gives advice by email to troubled people around the world for Truth Media e-zines. A number of those she counsels are suicidal teenagers. Her website is

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