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I Cannot Forget

October 2009
By: Carol Wilson
As I sat in a theater waiting for a movie to begin, words spoken by a teenager who sat in front of me were etched into my memory. While watching a preview of "Eight Below," he said, "People get killed in movies and no one cries, but a dog gets killed and we cry."

That teenage boy, sitting with his rambunctious peers, seemed to be pierced by the displacement of society's emotions and values. I noted that his friends didn't respond; they just continued to joke with each other.

I pondered that kid's words during the whole show. I contemplated the contradictory messages about human life that our kids are expected to assimilate. One minute they instinctively shed tears because a dog died in a movie and in the next, they laugh while they kill humans in their newest video game. One minute they hear a talk show host bestow great value on the lives of girls living in Africa and in the next, a talent show judge verbally demeans contestants. One minute they are enraptured by a miraculous surgery performed on a baby in utero and in the next, women proudly wear t-shirts proclaiming they had abortions.

In spite of society's incompatible messages, the teen's words sparked hope in my heart. God will not allow complete annihilation of the understanding of human worth in spite of the well-funded agenda of the pro-abortion advocates. This kid was evidence.

I also pondered what God might have in mind for his future. Does he have a person in his life who is willing to listen to the deep questions of his heart and to help him sort through conflicting messages? Is there someone who will encourage him to grow in his understanding of the value of each human life? Will someone point him to his Creator? Will he become a man of influence for the Lord?

A number of years ago, Dr. Dan Allender spoke at a Care Net conference. While I don't recall much of his speech, I do remember that he shared how the words of one person changed his life. He wasn't walking with the Lord at the time, but attended a seminary because a friend suggested he should. Dan would attend class, study, and then go out and get drunk. While nursing a hangover one day in the library, he saw one of his professors. The professor noted that it was clear Dan wasn't feeling well due to his late night activities and then told him to come see him when he felt better. Although Dan expected retribution, the professor extended grace and told him that God had significant plans for his life. The professor's grace and words of encouragement depicted understanding of God's value of each life and nurtured the person that God had created! Dan got right with the Lord and has devoted his life to influence others with God's truth and grace.

Likewise, the staff and volunteers of each pregnancy resource center have the opportunity to extend grace and to speak meaningful words into the life of each individual who walks through the door. They have the opportunity to help each young person filter through society's confusing messages and to nurture the valuable person that God created.

It's true, I may forget some things—the movies I watch or the details of a speech—but that God values the heartbeat of a baby, 21 days old in utero. Nor can I forget that millions of these babies are killed each year and not a tear is shed. that we are called to exhibit Christ's love and to speak life-affirming truth to young girls and their boyfriends.

I also cannot forget to thank God often for allowing me to serve for a time on the board of a ministry that unequivocally values human life. He allowed my fellow board members and me to be as Aaron and Hur holding up the hands of Moses for our staff and volunteers who are on the frontline of this ministry. We did this by praying, setting the vision, establishing policy, and overseeing the finances of this extraordinary ministry of truth and grace.

There's one more thing God calls people to this ministry, and I believe He has called others to serve on PRC boards across the land. If you're one who's receiving His tug in this direction, you're blessed. It's not an easy calling, but it's one of immeasurable value.

Carol Wilson served on the board for Care Net PRC of Vancouver, Washington, for 5 years and has been involved with PRC ministry and post-abortion ministry since 1990. She is also a freelance writer and lives in Vancouver, Washington, and can be reached at Carol Wilson gives permission to pregnancy centers to use this article, properly credited, to recruit board members.

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