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January 2010
By: Jerry Thacker
Every birth is special and should be celebrated. My wife and I now have six grandchildren and two married daughters. That means we have a total of 12 birthday celebrations each year! The routine is nearly always the same. The person having the birthday gets to select what they want us to have for supper. They also get to specify what kind of cake (ice cream or regular) they want and even decide the shape and decoration of the cake that my wife should bake. We've had cakes that look like monster trucks, cakes that look like frogs, cakes that have those sugar-based decals on the top, and even cakes that look like castles complete with plastic princesses all over. We give thanks for the meal and the person, and there are always presents involved.

As we honor Christ on His birthday, how much more should we celebrate His life and why He came to the Earth. In fact, since we really don't know on which day Christ was born, we should remember His birthday every day of the year and give thanks for the fact that He came not only to be born and grow up, but also to lay down His life to become the Savior of those who accept Him as Lord of their lives.

How sad we should be that there are more than 55 million people who will never have the opportunity of birth — those pre-born whose lives are snuffed out by abortion around the world. As you reflect on the birth of the Prince of Peace who became flesh and dwelt among us and who died to save us for all eternity, remember that every birth is special, and the birth of God's Son was the most special of all!

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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