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Hannah's Home

January 2010
By: Debby Lynch
Her name was Hannah. In her culture, a childless woman was considered a failure — an embarrassment to her husband. A child was a source of labor for the family, an important part of society's economic structure. Hannah was deeply troubled; she was barren. She prayed out of great anguish and grief. When Hannah's miracle son — her most wanted desire — was born, she weaned him and gave him to another. Then God blessed Hannah with other sons and daughters (1 Samuel).

Today cohabitating couples replace the long-term commitment of marriage. Numerous sexual partners are the norm. Families struggle. Teenage girls desire to have a baby so they can find love that lasts. Yet finding themselves pregnant and without resources, now what?

How often have you met with young girls who come to your pregnancy center to take a pregnancy test? A child herself, she longs to have a baby. She is often afraid to tell her parents — fearing pressure from them to have an abortion. Her boyfriend is long gone. She is overwhelmed by what is happening to her body. She has no concept of what is involved in being a parent. Yet, she is determined to have her baby. She hopes her boyfriend will come through for her. She longs for her family to support her, but they are unable or unwilling to provide. She is determined but lost and alone. Will she run away? Will she survive, rotating between friends' couches? Her stressful environment will place her at risk and often result in neglect of her baby. The few maternity homes available already have all their beds full or will not take minors.
At one local pregnancy center, volunteers felt helpless without resources to offer many of their young pregnant clients. So, this group of ladies started to pray. Suddenly donors and interested people started to surface, asking about a maternity home. Soon a list of 12 to 15 names was collected and a meeting was called to order in 2006. A group of six dedicated people moved forward. Initially working under the umbrella of the Christian Family Care Agency, the committee incorporated , selected a Board of Directors, and obtained non-profit status. In February 2009, an 1800 square foot house on one-half acre of land was purchased incurring $15,000 debt. Eight months later, we became licensed with Arizona Department of Economic Security, Office of Licensing, Certification and Regulation for a Child Welfare Group Home. God has provided house parents, and today we are open and accepting girls. It simply must be said, "God is still a God of miracles!"

will be a place to learn of God's unconditional love, a place of safety and care for both teen Mom and her baby. Life skills, career education, prenatal care, parenting skills, and adoption education will be available to her.

In these hard economic times, how will we meet our increasing and on-going budget? Two hundred times $10 totals $2,000. Two hundred times $25 totals $5,000. Two hundred times $100 totals $20,000. Where will the 200, 300, 400 people come from to support ? I can only say I am on an amazing journey as God blesses me, stretches me beyond my comfort zone, and opens my eyes to a new understanding of His faithfulness, sovereignty, wisdom, and grace.

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Debby Lynch volunteered for a CPC hotline in Connecticut prior to moving to Arizona. Following retirement, she became Client Services Manager at the Crisis Pregnancy Center of Prescott, Arizona, where she had volunteered for three years. Her most recent involvement has been leading the effort to establish . She can be reached at

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