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April 2000
By: Jerry Thacker

Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Welcome to the second issue of At the Center. And thanks for taking a minute to read this brief introduction to our magazine. A lot has happened since we launched the publication in January -- and we praise God!

Your response to the first issue was nothing short of phenomenal. We've heard from many of you and would like to hear from the rest. The wrap-sleeve on our first issue (the printed version) contained a survey in which you could let us know what you want future issues to be like. We've read them all, and you'll see articles in the future responding to your requests.

Here are a few of your typical comments:

"Lots of information! Great stories! We loved it. We are planning (and praying) to open a medical clinic within the next couple of years."

"It's great! Thank you so much. What a blessing to have a top quality magazine to inspire and encourage us. God bless you!"

"I was pleased to see the publication and appreciate how well done it is. There is something for everyone -- board, staff, volunteers, and supporters. I appreciate the fact the articles are short. I am more likely to have time to read them."

We're sure as word of ATC travels, more and more center directors, staffers, and volunteers will want to secure copies for themselves. The fact that the magazine is FREE makes that an easy thing to do. Just let us know how many you can responsibly distribute.

The most popular columns in the first issue were Dr. A. A. Baker's development column and my Marketing 101 piece. These will be continuing columns due to the fact that there is so much to cover. We also will continue to feature other articles that highlight resources you can use as you minister to those who are hurting.

The folks here at Marketing Partners, Inc., are excited at what the Lord is doing through our little magazine. We said we wanted to inform, encourage, and help. Looks like we're off to a good start! But there is so much more we want to do. By the time you read this, will be up and running. Take a look at it. It too is a beginning effort. We look forward to receiving your reactions to both the web site and this magazine.

If you're new to the magazine, remember that our distribution method is unique. All you have to do to secure the copies you need is to fill out the online subscription form on this web site. We will bulk ship your copies to the address you specify.

May the peace of Christ be with you as you seek to be savory salt and brilliant light in a dying world.

Jerry Thacker

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