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January 2011
By: Jerry Thacker

A number of years ago, I had the opportunity to visit the Reagan Ranch, the location of the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library and the burial site for the former president. As I stood by Ronald Reagan's grave, I remembered the time when he came to speak at Bob Jones University where I was teaching. Obviously, President Reagan was able to see the big picture as it pertained to his own life and the life of our country.

Before Reagan was in office, the federal government had grown massively. Reagan believed that a small government was what our country's founders intended in the Constitution. While others could not figure out a way to shrink the ever-growing bureaucratic beast, Reagan was able to develop a simple solution. He told his advisers that the way they should shrink the government was the same way that anyone who is overweight has to lose weight. They have to stop overeating. In the case of the federal government, this meant decreasing the budgets to acceptable levels and jettisoning dead weight. While many people thought that this was an impossibility, Reagan insisted that it could be done. In fact, he placed a plaque on his desk to emphasize his dedication to the task. It simply said, "It CAN be done."

While the last several years have been rough for everyone, those in ministry have had it somewhat rougher. Resources may have dried up, donors may have given less, and clients may have chosen other alternatives. However, we must always remember that the ministry to which God calls us CAN be done. Not only is the PCC ministry important, it's never been needed more in the life of our country. Someone estimated several years ago that if all the babies that have been aborted since Roe v. Wade had been allowed to live, they would contribute more than $5 trillion to our economy. Therefore, while we may bemoan the financial circumstances in which our country finds itself, we have to remember that, to a certain degree, we did it to ourselves. Our job is to encourage those of childbearing age to keep the children they conceive and to help them learn how to raise them in the fear and admonition of the Lord.

It's not an easy task, but in the words of Ronald Reagan, "It CAN be done."

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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