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July 2011
By: Jerry Thacker

On Memorial Day weekend, my wife and I watched a number of war movies. While most chronicled some aspect of the WWII battles, one or two were based on the Vietnam War and afterward. Most striking to me were the attitudes that were portrayed by the soldiers of the "greatest generation" (WWII) compared to others who were, perhaps, not as clear on the moral consequences for which they were fighting. 

When war meant the raising of an army from America's youth and shipping those brave men and women across thousands of miles to protect the homeland, the moral directive seemed clear. It was kill or be killed. Live free or live under tyranny. See your home and family go on to grow up free, or watch some heavy-handed, privileged class (Nazis, Fascists, or Communists) threaten to destroy your entire way of life. Of course, there was also the potential that hundreds of thousands of the brave young men and women would never return to the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Today's wars for the freedom and lives of the next generation are not nearly as publicized; although they are just as bloody, just as morally important, and just as terrible. Abortionists, aided by the silent media and compliant liberals and doctors, have killed more people than we've ever lost in a war.

Where are the programs telling us the truth about this tragic phenomenon? Where are the liberal moralists telling us we should stop the killing? Where are the churchmen who, like brave Wilberforce, will spend all they are and all they have to stop the carnage? 

We've sanitized the elimination of millions of pre-born people by believing what we've been told -- that it's legal and therefore right to destroy them. It is, however, no less a wrong for which our nation and our world will be judged by Almighty God.

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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