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October 2011
By: Jerry Thacker

"No Kids, No Future"

I just don't get it. The folks in Washington tax and tax, spend and spend, try to balance the budget, mortgage the future of our children and grandchildren, and scream about not having enough tax dollars to do all they want to do. Yet, the stupidity they exhibit is mind-boggling. While we could write hundreds (or thousands) of pages commenting on all the waste that makes adding anything to the tax burden of the American people ridiculous, one fact still just doesn't make the news. While we remember 4,000 people killed by terrorists and thousands more killed in wars, when it comes to eliminating the tax base of our country, we've done it to ourselves.

As researchers add up the costs associated with NOT having as many babies born as in previous times, the societal cost of abortion—both economic and moral—is not even discussed. Some place the economic impact of more than 40 million lost lives (since 1973) at between $35 trillion and $70 trillion. You see, when you abort real people who would have lived real lives, had real needs, secured real jobs, and paid real taxes, the inescapable truth is that our country has been devastated by our own irresponsibility and by the decisions we have made to be immoral, selfish, and consumerist.

Perhaps our first step to finding a remedy for our problems is to turn back to God and to pray for forgiveness. We need to recognize the importance of the family unit as He constructed it. We must recognize that our economy is not a "zero sum" game—that there is a cost to be paid for murdering 40 million preborn people. The assets we need in order to turn things around are within our own grasp. The problems we are facing are not coming from outside our country. It's time to take a hard look within.

For more information on this subject, see "Researcher: Economic Impact of Abortion in U.S. Since 1970 - $35 to $70 Trillion," by Thaddeus M. Baklinski at

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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