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ARIN: Abortion Recovery InterNational

October 2011
By: Stacy Masséy

It all started with a phone call suggesting that we create an online database specific ONLY to after-abortion healing. It had never been done before! The idea was totally "out of the box."

God seemed to prompt this idea a little further. What if that online database was a service of an association of Christian pastors working together with peer and professional counselors to help those emotionally and psychologically impacted by abortion? Along with encouraging and extending healing opportunities to hurting people, an Abortion Recovery Association would enlighten society to the effects of abortion on individuals and families. The association could educate the community through conferences and specialized training and would establish and equip Abortion Recovery Centers/Programs around the globe. This association would provide Compassionate Abortion Recovery Efforts, be united in mission, cohesive in nature, and similar in practice. What if?

Through weeks of prayer, dialogues with Heartbeat, CareNet, Eternal Perspective Ministries, other Christian agencies, pro-life leaders, and continual confirmation from our Heavenly Father, Abortion Recovery InterNational (ARIN) was born!

So what is ARIN?

ARIN is rooted in six words: encourage, extend, enlighten, educate, establish, and equip — all focused around healing hurting people, seeking the salvation of the lost (Luke 19:10), and uniting those working in Abortion Recovery and Christian ministries! Jesus prayed for us "...that [we] may become perfectly one" (John 17:23).

God set ARIN on a path quite different from the norm at that time. He led us to use the term "abortion recovery" rather than post-abortion. It seemed more secular friendly and had an optimistic tone. ARIN affiliates agreed, and the term seemed to catch on. The goal was to reach beyond what was familiar and safe. God was clear in speaking to us to help expand the territory to help those hurting.

The CARE Directory/CARE Line was established with Charter ARIN Affiliates who were already providing strong recovery support services through pregnancy resource centers. Heartbeat and CareNet boosted ARIN from the get-go and actually helped launch ARIN at their annual conferences.

God kept encouraging the ARIN team to be open to other areas of Christian healing. Soon the CARE Directory included churches, stand-alone abortion recovery ministries, professional therapists, and grief counselors — all assisting the 40,000 individuals and families that contact ARIN each year for help.

Reaching beyond what was familiar wasn't easy. Sometimes it took a little extra work on behalf of our affiliates. ARIN encouraged Abortion Recovery leaders to read reference books and numerous Bible studies. They also completed leadership training so that they were better equipped to meet the clients' needs. Abortion Recovery Centers/Programs were encouraged to complete assessments and evaluate their local population before choosing a Bible study to use with their clients. The goal was to set a stage of professionalism and to bring the healing side of the pro-life movement, united and cohesively, into its next phase.

God led ARIN to begin hosting workshops and training seminars on how to develop an Abortion Recovery Center — not a program that operated in the back of a building, but a well respected, networked community service providing a Christ-centered confidential haven for recovery. Through that training, Abortion Recovery leaders began to network with their local health clinics, resource centers, churches, professional therapists, peer counselors, school staff, pastors, youth leaders, students, medical personnel, celebrate recovery staff, ministry directors, prison personnel, abstinence educators, rape/sexual industry mentors, and others — always looking for ways to expand the opportunities for healing.

Educating ARIN Affiliates became crucial. ARIN cannot possibly promote education without providing opportunities to learn. Therefore, ARIN developed an Abortion Recovery Certificate Program with Masters International School of Divinity. The ARIN team believes that the better educated a leader is in the field of trauma and grief, the better the support person they will be to the clients in their care. Our latest development is an Abortion Recovery Consultant and Abortion Recovery Professional Designation program that will reward CEU credits to those who wish to expand their knowledge on abortion trauma related topics.

ARIN has been honored to collaborate with Heartbeat and CareNet in providing training to the pro-life movement for the past eight years. In 2009, ARIN hosted its first Leadership Symposium — an opportunity for Abortion Recovery Leaders from around the globe to come together to plan, pray, and strategize the forward movement of Abortion Recovery efforts. Attendees came from as far away as the United Kingdom. The event was amazing! The response was so great that another Symposium has been scheduled for July of 2012 in Long Beach, California. Newly named the ARIN SHARE (Sharing Healing, Awareness, and Recovery Efforts) Symposium, this event will enable even more advocates and affiliates to participate. For more information, visit

In 2005, ARIN initiated Abortion Recovery Awareness Month (ARAM). Each year during the month of April, ARIN Affiliates and Advocates enlighten society by reaching out to others in their community through many different venues. An Abortion Recovery Awareness Calendar for the month of April is established each year providing ideas and resources. Abortion Recovery Awareness Month is secular friendly — free of condemnation, judgment, or negative connotations. Although ARAM has no political agenda, Governors Perry, Pawlenty, Jindal, and Branstad have endorsed it. The ultimate goal of ARAM is to share compassionate abortion recovery efforts with others and offer help, healing, and hope. ()

ARIN is committed to assisting Christian counselors and uniting the "care community;" professional therapists, pastors, peer counselors, etc., to help those emotionally or psychologically impacted by abortion. "Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind" (Philippians 2:2).Care to join us?

Stacy Massey is President and Founding Partner of Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. and the Abortion Recovery CARE Directory and CARE Line. She designs and develops new abortion recovery programs. For more information, visit: or call Stacy at 949-679-9276. Her email address is Abortion Recovery InterNational, Inc. 5319 University Drive, Irvine, CA 92612.

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