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TV Ads Reach Women at the Right Time

January 2000
By: Carol Everett

Television ads may offer the one best hope to reach our primary market at a crucial point in time.

For years I searched for something that would reduce and, finally, end abortion. As a woman who understands the pain of abortion, both as a consumer and a provider, I wanted to establish contact with that woman in an unplanned pregnancy before she walked through the door of an abortion clinic. At last, I believe we have found a solution to the problem of reaching the women in our abortion-minded culture.

New television commercials

By using the most powerful communications medium ever invented, we can reach into the home of the woman who is contemplating abortion. We advertise with a super maximizer 800 telephone number to direct her to the nearest Women's Resource Center/Crisis Pregnancy Center. One of The Heidi Group's functions is to pray that when she visits the center, she will make the choice for life, both physical and eternal!

The Heidi Group has produced a number of commercials aimed at women who feel they have nowhere to turn. We understand that a woman grappling with the issues that come with an unplanned pregnancy often is confused. Our objective through these ads is to reach out with a loving hand and say, "You are not alone. We will help you."

The commercials work

The Heidi Group has been airing the commercials, at no cost to the Women's Resource Centers, since the fall of 1998 in the Texas markets where the most abortions occur. In markets where the centers were able to monitor the calls consistently, abortion-minded callers increased by 30%.

Over 70% of Americans get their news exclusively from television. On average, there are two television sets in each American home. There is no denying that television holds an unprecedented position of influence in American culture. By utilizing television ads to offer help, we finally are able to reach our primary market at a crucial point in time, at the moment these women are contemplating abortion.

Our television commercials have aired on major networks primarily during afternoon soap operas and talk shows. These time slots have been quite successful in reaching our target audience.

Our commercials are now being aired in several states other than Texas. In some markets we have been able to negotiate buy-one-get-one-free advertising rates because our commercials are neutral on the issue of abortion. The purpose of the ads is simply to draw women into the centers. One ABC affiliate has aired the commercials for three months free! Our experience has shown us that local media buyers have good working relationships with local television sales departments. Typically, it is easier to negotiate free airtime on the local level than at the national level.

The abortion industry for a long time has focused its efforts on the African-American market. More recently, they have shifted focus to the growing Hispanic market. With the percentage of abortions among Hispanic women on the rise in Texas, we have responded by producing four commercials in Spanish. We have tested the Spanish commercials in Dallas and San Antonio and have been pleased with the overwhelming number of calls from Spanish-speaking clients at the Women's Resource Centers/Crisis Pregnancy Centers.

The commercials are available

The window of opportunity for reaching women who are considering abortion is open only for a brief time. Ongoing research at both large and small centers is helping us determine the best methods for reaching through that window at just the right moment. We believe that our commercials are some of the best tools for doing that. If your center is interested in airing the commercials, we can provide them to you at no cost. We will include some information about our strategy for getting the commercials on the air. Use the coupon to order a copy of all our commercials.

In the meantime, we must not grow weary in well doing. As we pray that God will end abortion, we will continue our efforts to draw women in to the centers, meet their needs, and help them with the choice of life, both physical and eternal!

The Heidi Group's mission is to evangelize with the Truth of Jesus Christ and the truth of the sanctity of human life.

Yes! I want to touch a life!

If you are interested in airing the pro-life commercials in your area, you can have the commercials sent to you! Please e-mail your name, address, phone, fax, and e-mail address to

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