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Deneutralized: Every Center Has the Potential to Shine!

April 2012
By: Christopher Gustafson

Why settle for mediocrity when your center could be excellent?

Recently completed, Deneutralized is a free comprehensive reference guide to not only starting and building pregnancy centers but also identifying and addressing obstacles to center success. This manual is an informative, inspirational, user-friendly guide (with fun pictures) designed to assist executive directors and boards in a very difficult task. As a new executive director, I would have been greatly assisted by a comprehensive reference tool such as Deneutralized. My goal is for this manual to be used as a means to assist centers — new and old — to achieve excellence. Too many centers have been "neutralized" by various forces, causing them to be ineffective in their outreach. How might centers be "deneutralized"? How might we convey a contagious vision of excellence that will be caught by mediocre centers — indeed all centers?

Designed for Start-Ups. Deneutralized is designed as a manual for start-up pregnancy resource centers. It will assist a group with a dream to form a board of directors and get a pregnancy center off the ground. The manual addresses topics such as hiring employees, fundraising, marketing, and those additional issues a new center will inevitably face. The reference is user-friendly and will help anyone dive into the world of pregnancy resource center administration with some confidence. Deneutralized is like a "PRC manual for dummies." It sets centers on a path to success, helping them to avoid those traps into which so many centers fall.


Assisting Centers to Get Out and Stay Out of the Rut. Deneutralized is also designed for centers that are stuck. Many centers have existed for a while but need to awake and "restart" with a renewed vision and energy. Too many centers settle for mediocrity when they could be so much more. Centers must focus on professionalism and successfully connecting their services with those clients in need of their services. Ultimately, most centers should work toward putting the infrastructure in place to go medical. So many centers are merely treading water and not really moving forward in accomplishing their mission. Deneutralized helps centers get out of the rut and make headway!

A Training Tool for Boards and Executive Directors. The turnover rate for board members and executive directors at centers is fairly rapid. Deneutralized is an important tool for training new board members, directors, and other staff. It can be accessed on your computer or it can be printed, bound, and distributed to your board and staff. Carry it around with you on your iPad or e-mail it to all the members of your organization.

A Launch Pad. While Deneutralized is full of tips and the combined wisdom of many seasoned executive directors and board members, it is also a launch pad for further investigation. It contains basic PRC information in a systematic, organized format, but then offers hundreds of live Internet links to other resources for more comprehensive answers to key questions. The manual connects the reader to important articles from over ten years of At the Center magazine publication. Deneutralized references legal resources and offers crucial leads that will save someone hours in unnecessary online searches. The manual does not overwhelm the reader with information for which she is not prepared, but gives the reader the tools to immediately access that information when she is ready.

A Free Gift. The pregnancy resource centers most in need of Deneutralized are usually those that will not spend the money to purchase it. Consequently, I am offering the manual free of charge in the hope that these centers would read and use it to truly shine in their ministry! Please use this free resource for your center's success and pass the manual to other centers that may be in need of it.

The Deneutralized Website. Deneutralized can be downloaded free of charge from our website ( This site includes a "Top 10 Challenges" list for centers to evaluate how their organization is doing. (Teaser: The number one challenge is a lack of prayer and fasting — that spiritual energy that enables a center to run.) Also, there is a paperwork template service for centers that would like to save money in the dreaded area of digital paperwork creation. How much time and energy do directors expend each week recreating the wheel in putting together forms, lists, policies and the like that have already been developed professionally? Wouldn't it be nice if they could spend that time doing something else — such as fundraising?


On-Site Consulting. Some centers ask us to come and visit on-site. They often need a little assistance in putting their center on the path to success. An outside perspective is usually able to offer fresh ideas that a center has not considered. We have many years of experience in building centers as well as identifying and addressing obstacles to success. Who knows? We might even have fundraising ideas that would allow your center to increase its budget and really move forward to success.

Why settle for mediocrity when your center could be excellent? In the end, we are not striving for excellence for ourselves but for Him Who said "as you did it to one of the least of these My brothers, you did it to Me" (Matthew 25:40).

Deneutralized can be downloaded free of charge at:

Dr. Christopher Gustafson has worked in PRC administration since 2003. He owns Housecalls, LLC, a consulting firm that assists PRCs with organizational evaluation and strategic planning. He can be reached at: or

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