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Well Done, Good and Faithful Servants

October 2012
By: Elaine Ham
Have you ever had one of those days where negative thoughts, memories of mistakes you've made in the past, and even doubts about God's direction for your life brought you to the edge of despair? If you're a Christian striving to do God's will, of course you have had those days. In fact, if you're in the ministry of saving lives of unborn babies, you're in the bull's-eye for attacks from the evil one.

A few weeks ago I was physically ill and struggling with several decisions concerning family, career, and major changes in my life. I began regretting decisions made in the past that at the time seemed to be God's will, missing family and friends that lived far away, and questioning whether God even remembered He had created me so many years ago.


In my state of despair, I even managed to negate the results of the amazing company God gave me years ago and through which He created the Baby Bottle Boomerang, a company that has helped pro-life ministries raise over $85 million dollars over the years. My thoughts said, "That's great, God, but that was then and this is now. Where are you? Have you forgotten me?"

I suspect you have those same kinds of days, especially on days where a staff member, a volunteer, and your babysitter all call in sick. Or perhaps that client you've worked with so long misses her appointment and someone tells you that, despite all the loving care and encouragement you poured out on her, she had an abortion last week.

There are bills to pay from a checkbook that screams "you're out of money" and churches that say there's no time for you to drop by and tell them about your ministry. In your ear a voice begins to say, "What difference are you really making? After all, does anyone really care? There are jobs that are much easier with shorter hours and much higher salaries. Why are you still here?"

At times like that, you begin to question your call and wonder if your sacrifices of time, talent, and financial security are really worth it.

That's where I found myself a few weeks ago: discouraged and sick with a rush of negative thoughts and regrets filling my head. I thought there was no one who would understand. I was a prime target for the enemy. Was there anyone I could talk to?

In the midst of my thoughts, I was reminded by that still, small voice that I could always talk to the Father, so I did ... and it's amazing how quickly He turned my world around. His answer was to remind me that, yes, someone still cared. A new director called who needed help. A dear friend called to tell me that God had put me on her heart, and she just wanted to hear my voice. Positive thoughts began to flood my mind, and my sad state of despair soon changed to praise as I talked with others about the amazing opportunities the Father was still pouring out on this ministry.


Are the sacrifices you're making as an executive director, staff member, or volunteer really worth it? Does anyone care? The answer to that question is a resounding "Yes!" Your sacrifices are not going unnoticed. You are the modern-day missionaries sharing the gospel with the lost and saving the lives of the defenseless who cannot speak for themselves. You are the heroes of today.

In the words of Christ: "Well done, good and faithful servant. You have been faithful over a little; I will set you over much. Enter into the joy of your master" (Matthew 25:21). Thank you, good and faithful servants.

Elaine Ham is Founder and PRC Business Coach for Plans For You, Inc., a consulting company she and her husband Tom founded in 2000 to train and assist pro-life organizations. The highly successful company has helped raise over $65,000,000 in operational funds for over 1,300 organizations through their Baby Bottle Boomerang program. Elaine trains pregnancy centers in evangelism, fundraising, board management, and other areas tailored to fit your center's needs. Elaine is a Master Instructor with EvanTell/SMSC and a Life Affirming Specialist with Heartbeat International.She can be reached at or by calling 770-401-5216. For further information on evangelism or to schedule an Evantell/Save the Mother/Save Her Child seminar at your center, contact Elaine Ham at 770-401-5216. Elaine and her husband Tom live in the Atlanta area and have two children and two grandchildren.

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