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Letter from the president

June 2015
By: Tom Lothamer

Dear friends,

You noticed that At the Center went missing for a few years. I trust you’re happy it’s online with new articles.

You can also see there’s been a change in ATC’s look, thanks to the guys at K-Data Systems. We trust you’ll be able to easily navigate to find articles of interest. Please be patient! We’re still categorizing the over-500 articles in the archives by topic, but you should be able to find what you’re looking for using the search function. 

The new blog-style presentation reflects a few other changes:

Change in ownership. The biggest change is that Right Ideas relinquished ownership to Life Matters Worldwide. In 2012, Jerry Thacker, former publisher of At the Center, asked us to consider taking over for them as running the online magazine got to be too much for them. We thought and prayed about the prospect for a couple years, knowing how valuable the archive is and how much readers depend on ATC. Before long, we agreed, but it’s taken us a few months to revamp the website and make it our own.

Change in schedule. Our plan is to add four articles every 4-6 months, with one or two in-between whenever urgency for comment on an important topic demands it. Our primary method for alerting you to new articles will be via email, but we’ll also utilize Facebook and Twitter. Be sure to like and follow us. Use the “Subscribe” tab above to add the email addresses of volunteers, staff, and board members who want to receive email alerts.

Change in how we pay our authors. Basically, we don’t. That’s not in Life Matters Worldwide’s budget. But we still plan to give you high quality articles from respected leaders in the field of pregnancy care center ministry. We will accept your suggestions and submitted articles, which will be subject to our editorial requirements.

You can, however, help us maintain the website. There's a “Donate” tab above and to the left, for anyone who’s interested. Clicking the tab takes you to Life Matter’s donation page. Just select ‘support At the Center magazine’ from the Purpose of Gift drop-down menu. Thank you!

We’re also looking for site sponsors. For $100 per year, you get an ad on the homepage. We’ll also announce your events on and publish articles that meet our editorial requirements.

Happy reading!

Tom Lothamer, President
Life Matters Worldwide

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