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Operation Outcry

October 2001
By: Kathleen Cassidy
Now there is a voice for women who are no longer held captive by the lie.

For almost thirty years, millions of people have held fast to the belief that "abortion helps women." It isn't true. Today, many women who once believed that abortions would solve their problems now know the devastating consequences of believing this lie.

The cold reality is that at some point in the abortion's aftermath, the woman is left alone wondering why this "simple procedure" has left her with guilt, sorrow, and pain. She asks herself, "If abortion is good for women, why do I feel so bad?" The women who have been deluded by this lie and have endured the suffering are now coming forward to tell the courts of the United States that the lie must end. Their sworn statements are being gathered as part of a massive mobilization effort called .

What is ?

is organized by the National Foundation for Life and the Texas Justice Foundation. Its goal is to end the coercion and abuse being carried out against women by the abortion industry and "abortion rights" advocates. This unique effort involves a three-step litigation process that will use the very words of abortion survivors to tell the courts how abortion has ravaged their lives. The testimony of each woman details the devastating mental, physical, and spiritual impact that abortion has had on her.

Promising legal strategies are being utilized in three separate lawsuits. One case involves Donna Santa Marie, a sixteen-year-old girl forced by her parents to have an abortion against her will. Another young woman in this suit was also coerced to have an abortion. She was never given a real choice because the facts were misrepresented to her. The abortionist told her that what was inside her was only tissue. Yet, later, when complications arose, a nurse told her that part of her baby had been left inside her. The anguish that often follows an abortion has ravaged the lives of millions of young women. However, because Roe v. Wade established abortion as a "right," the New Jersey Federal District Court ruled that these women have no legal remedy available against the doctors.
The cold reality is
that at some point in
the abortion's aftermath,
the woman is left alone
wondering why this
"simple procedure"
has left her with guilt,
sorrow, and pain.

The Women Whose Cases Legalized Abortion Speak Out for Injured Women

Two prominent women who have joined this effort are Norma McCorvey of Roe v. Wade and Sandra Cano of Doe v. Bolton. Today, these ladies, whose cases brought legalized abortion to the United States, are telling the courts how women have been injured deeply by abortion. McCorvey and Cano were used by the abortion industry but now are speaking out to expose the coercive, destructive lies used by the industry and its advocates. On May 31, 2001 both women filed amicus ("friend of the court") briefs in the Donna Santa Marie case before the Third Circuit Court of Appeals in Philadelphia.

McCorvey told the court that although Roe purports to stand for the proposition that women have a choice regarding their bodies and reproductive capacity, in actuality women are hurt, not helped, by abortion. Sandra Cano told the court, based on her own experience, how young, poor, and uneducated women are easily victimized by those who view abortion as the solution. Both McCorvey and Cano explain that their interests were not honestly represented in their own cases. Plainly, these women were used.

In Doe v. Bolton, the needs of a pregnant woman's physical, emotional, and psychological health were used to expand legalized abortion throughout the entire term of pregnancy. Now, twenty-seven years later, it is clear that those same considerations of women's health and well-being are the very reasons the abortion tragedy must end.

The following comments by women who have had abortions represent some of the evidence that will be presented to the courts.

*"I was led to believe that there were no consequences to an abortion and no after-effects. After twenty-four years of extreme depression, sadness, and anger, I would like to tell a woman considering an abortion that this was the worst decision of my life. I regret the abortion with each passing year. Abortion is something that each year gets worse and not better. It is a decision you can never take back."
*"Since my abortion, I have become suicidal. I hear my baby talking to me and have nightmares about dead babies."
*"An abortion is a choice to self-destruct."
*"When I saw my husband a few hours after the abortion, I felt an intense hatred for him. I was determined to make him pay for taking me to have the abortion and supporting me to go through it."
*"I was told that I would be a good parent someday when the timing was better. I never became pregnant again. They lied to me! I will never experience the joys and sorrows of motherhood. I will never be the mother of the bridegroom or the grandparent. Abortion took my life and my one and only child."
*"I worried about being punished for killing my baby and feared I would lose my children after they were born."
*"I would like to tell women considering an abortion about how brutal the procedure is and how the baby suffers during the procedure."
*"The pain is horrible. It is not in any way, shape, or form a quick fix. It leaves long-lasting scars."
*"No matter what, I don't care what your doctors say. It would never be worth it, even if you have to die or you had a deformed child. The effects of abortion are much worse. Please don't kill that baby inside of you."
*"Abortion is a prison of guilt, shame, pretenses, and flashbacks."
*"As hard as you try to believe that it is only 'tissue,' you will know that it is a life and you have sentenced it to death. That decision will haunt you for a very long time."
*"I believe that abortion is one of the most evil institutions that has ever been invented by man. Not only does a child lose its life during the procedure; the mother loses something that she can never replace. That child is dead, and part of the mother dies too."

These former captives of the lie that "abortion helps women" have spoken out in . The truth has been hidden from the courts for too long. By means of the testimonies of the victims of abortion, the courts will now hear the truth.

Needs Women Who Have Been Injured by Abortion to Tell Their Stories

The Texas Justice Foundation and the National Foundation for Life are pleased with the initial accomplishments of . To date, they have received hundreds of affidavits but need many, many more post-abortive women to come forward to tell the courts how their lives have been shattered by abortion. Regardless of where or when the abortion occurred, whether three weeks ago or thirty years ago, each woman's story is needed. needs not only the accounts of those who were physically injured but especially the accounts of those who have experienced emotional trauma, pain, and suffering.

Every woman's testimony is needed. The only way to refute lies is to proclaim the truth. In order for the testimonies to be presented to the courts, the testimonies must be in affidavit form. If you are post-abortive, please fill out the form. If you are not post-abortive, then please provide the form to a woman who is and encourage her to tell others about the harm abortion brought into her life. This massive undertaking can be successful only if everyone helps.

Each woman who has suffered in any way from abortion is being asked to fill out the affidavit form located on page 23. It is through these women's testimonies that the litigation can be successful in ending the tragedy. Many women have felt that the actual process of writing down their stories has helped them tremendously in dealing with the denial that usually accompanies abortion stress disorder and the feelings of shame, grief, and blame. One woman commented: "Filling out the affidavit forced me to recognize many of the self-destructive patterns I developed from my abortion." She added, "A big weight was off my shoulders by not continuing to hide the deepest, darkest secret of my life." The collected testimonies will be given to the courts as evidence that will help the judges understand the widespread damage abortion has caused.

Once the affidavit form is completed, it should be taken to a notary public to be signed and notarized. Do not sign the form until you are before the notary public. The notary will not have to read the form, only the title. While every woman's full name is needed for the form to be legal, her identity may remain confidential if she checks the box asking that only initials be used.

The completed, notarized affidavit forms should be mailed to the Texas Justice Foundation, 8122 Datapoint, Suite 812, San Antonio, TX 78229. You may make unlimited copies of the blank affidavit form to provide to anyone you know who has had an abortion. The Texas Justice Foundation is available to answer any questions. Women on staff, some of whom are post-abortive themselves, will help women fill out the forms. You can call toll-free at 1-877-247-7582. Additional information is available at

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