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Front and Center: Look at That!

October 2002
By: Jerry Thacker
One of the most effective techniques for raising funds to purchase an ultrasound machine is the live ultrasound demonstration. Usually done by placing the mother and baby behind a modesty screen and projecting just the ultrasound pictures through a video projector, this technique allows banquet attendees to see the baby in utero.

But how did the mother get to this point? Well, she came to a pregnancy care center seeking help. Then someone took time to counsel her about all her options and the consequences of her decision and to build a caring relationship with her.

In this issue, we explore a variety of subjects including the two mentioned here. Please pay special attention to the articles on abortion and adoption. More and more, young women are choosing "abort or keep" and ignoring the opportunity to bless another family through carrying their baby to term and placing it in a loving home.

I believe we need to promote the adoption option more strongly. There are so many families that want children and so few children that get placed for adoption. Understanding how far from God we all start out due to original sin and the fact that the Savior shed His blood to insure our adoption as sons and daughters of God, our hearts should well with thankfulness when we see the physical representation of this in the lives of clients.

Please let us know how we can make ATC better. Your notes of encouragement and e-mails of appreciation are received with gladness.

Jerry Thacker, Publisher

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