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The Example of Paul: The Post-abortive Potential in Life-affirming Efforts

January 2000
By: Sydna Massé
In the days of the early Church, the last person you would have expected God to use would have been Paul. After all, he found great satisfaction in his persecution of God's people. But when God changed his heart, Paul became one of the most vigorous evangelists. His writings still speak to us today ...
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Maternal Bonding in Early Fetal Ultrasound Examinations

January 2000
By: John Fletcher and Mark Evans
Reprinted with permission from "The New England Journal of Medicine" Originally published February 17, 1983 We have recently seen two cases in which women in the late first or early second trimester of pregnancy reported feelings and thoughts clearly indicating a bond of loyalty toward the fetus t...
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Recycling Stuff, Recycling Lives

January 2000
By: Marjori Masitto Krause
The manufacturing process takes raw materials and transforms them into a product that has a predicted useful life. At the end of that normal life, many products are discarded when they could be recycled. In the recycling process, when a product has finished its useful life, instead of being thrown ...
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The Pregnancy Help Medical Clinic: A Pro-Life Vision for the 21st Century

January 2000
By: Thomas Glessner
As we approach the dawn of a new millennium, exciting challenges await the pro-life ministry of pregnancy help centers. To meet these challenges, a powerful vision has been given that will put crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) on the offense and dramatically increase their effectiveness. The National ...
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The Heart of the Matter is a Matter of the Heart

January 2000
By: David O'Leary
We are in danger of letting our hearts become self-righteous in the face of the obvious sin of others. We can be prone to condemnation, impatience, hypocrisy, superiority, and perhaps even animosity. As I write, the news is filled with the controversy around the Miss America Pageant. New rules prop...
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