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Change from the Inside Out

October 2002
By: Dan Mead
Breaking the cycle of poor choices and resulting consequences requires more than behavioral modification; it requires changed lives. In our work with over 300 CPCs, Lifehelp's goal is to help CPCs more effectively minister to their clients and assist in "changing lives from the inside out." Recently...
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A Grandmother's Lament

October 2002
By: Trudy Johnson
The consequences of abortion have far-reaching effects, not only for the baby, but also for the others involved in the abortion. One of the saddest cases I can recall in my counseling career was an aborted baby's grandmother. Her name was Dottie. She was such a sweet lady. I know she would have been...
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Discipleship 101: The Basics

October 2002
By: David O'Leary
Those who have learned the basics make the great plays in baseball. Great living for Christ begins with the basics too. When Paul desires to "present everyone perfect in Christ," he describes that perfect or complete life as follows: "So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to l...
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Avoiding Ministry Stagnation

October 2002
By: Mark Hiehle
Within the pregnancy care center ministry, every person from the receptionist to the center's board members plays a vital role. The jobs that are performed may be different, but one position is not more important than another. Every instrument in an orchestra plays a different part. When each instru...
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Front and Center: Look at That!

October 2002
By: Jerry Thacker
One of the most effective techniques for raising funds to purchase an ultrasound machine is the live ultrasound demonstration. Usually done by placing the mother and baby behind a modesty screen and projecting just the ultrasound pictures through a video projector, this technique allows banquet atte...
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