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Setting Up an Abstinence-Until-Marriage Program in Your Local School

April 2002
By: Sallie Dewberry
Every pregnant girl knows the ultimate prevention method for pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD) is abstinence. All the condoms and vaccines in the world can never be as effective as a simple, but determined, "No."Although the basic message is plain and simple, this solution works best ...
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Entering the Global Mission Field Created by Abortion

April 2002
By: Kurt Dillinger
New York City, Los Angeles, Washington, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, Detroit, Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston, Phoenix—some of the most populated cities in our country. Combined, their populations top fifty-five million. Imagine the loss if those fifty-five million individuals were never able to mark ...
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Snow White

April 2002
By: Susan Houle
(as told to Helen Grace Lescheid, reprinted from With magazine, April/May, 1998)Everybody at the mission base crowded around the team that had just returned from an outreach on the streets and beach. "Great stuff!" "Awesome!" "What happened next?" You could feel the excitement in the air. As usu...
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Developing Standards for Excellence

April 2002
By: Tom Lothamer
Having parked her car three blocks away, Becky finally reached the Celebrate Life Pregnancy Center. She was a little out of breath and was growing impatient. With only an obscure sign in one window, the center had been hard to find. What's more, it provided no parking spaces. Now she had to pick her...
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Front and Center

April 2002
By: Jerry Thacker
On the radio today two facts were mentioned: there are more babies being born than in recent history in the U. S., and the teen pregnancy rate is declining. I'd like to think CPC/PCC people had a little something to do with this. Probably more to the point is that our young people are getting the me...
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