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How Did We Get Here?

October 2003
By: Mark Hiehle
As you look at our country today and see a culture that has grown accustomed to murder, violence, homosexuality, abortion-on-demand, and see the national acceptance of removing all references to God from public life, have you ever asked the question: "" As a nation founded upon Christian principles,...
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Earn While You Learn

October 2003
By: Dinah Monahan
"Here she comes again!" "She makes me so mad, she takes only new things!" "She just uses us to get free stuff." A few years ago, I heard these statements about some of our clients come from our dedicated, kindhearted volunteers. It occurred to me that there might be more wrong with our program than ...
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Front and Center: We're in This Together

October 2003
By: Jerry Thacker
.Let's encourage one another.Center ministry can sometimes seem the loneliest calling on earth. There you are--in the trenches--hearing people pour out their hearts. You empathize with them in the name of Christ. You help them make life and death decisions. You deal with people who suffer great pain...
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