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You Planted the Seed

January 2005
By: Elaine Miller
It's a perfect fall day. The diapers arrive in vans. Parents arrive on foot, pushing their little ones in hand-me-down strollers. Volunteers scramble to unload the vans, sort the diapers according to size, and stack the diapers against one wall of the school gymnasium. Other volunteers greet parents...
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Please Stay!

January 2005
By: Judith Hayes
I first met my "earth angel" at a very critical point in my life. I was twenty-nine years old, a brand new college graduate, single—and sixteen weeks pregnant. I decided I wanted to have my baby and raise him even though I knew I would be facing many obstacles ahead. At the time I discovered I was p...
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The Board Chairman's Role

January 2005
By: Tom Lothamer
The chairman should advocate for the director with the rest of the board, acting as a buffer on occasion while at other times interpreting the director's vision and passion. I have the privilege of visiting with pregnancy care center directors and board members all over the country. Questions abo...
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Front and Center

January 2005
By: Jerry Thacker
It seems that the liberal, pro-death media have been more shrill this year than in times past. I personally believe it is because they know they are losing the battle for the hearts and minds of the American people.Still, I find it interesting that many churches do not give support to those who are ...
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