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Sexual Sin and Its Risks

April 2005
By: David O'Leary
Many people falsely think that sex produces oneness between partners. In reality, sex can only express the oneness and the intimacy that are already there.What's love got to do with it?" asks Tina Turner in her popular song. When it comes to sex, for many people love and purity don't have anything t...
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April 2005
By: Jim Coles
We need to have a for the future, but withouta solid plan to reach our goals, s are vapors.And a solid plan needs a financial strategy.Serving at a pregnancy resource center is an incredible blessing! Seeing the results of the work we do in the care-giving arm of the Pro-Life movement is very reward...
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The Abortion-Vulnerable: Children of Pregnancy Care Center Workers

April 2005
By: Sydna Massé
Since I started working with pregnancy care centers in 1991, I have heard many heartbreaking stories from directors and staff about their own children's crisis pregnancy experiences. Pregnancy center workers are modern-day missionaries. Their children are vulnerable to attack just as are other missi...
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Centerboard: Doing my part

April 2005
By: Tom Lothamer
I've had the privilege of serving on my local school board for thirteen years. This past Valentine's Day two third graders sent me a heart-shaped note saying: "Thank you for caring about us and making good choices. Thank you for running the school!!!" I laughed as I read it because their naïve...
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Front and Center

April 2005
By: Jerry Thacker
We've all heard the stories of the plumber whose pipes leak, the electrician who never has time to fix his own faulty wiring, and the mechanic whose car continually breaks down. Perhaps it is true that some folks don't give proper attention to personal matters in which they have expertise, or perhap...
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