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On-the-Job Training

January 2006
By: Shauna Amick
I FINALLY CAN RELATE TO THE EMOTIONS OUR CLIENTS GO THROUGH WHILE DEALING WITH THEIR OWN INDIVIDUAL CRISES. I AM EXPERIENCING MY OWN CRISIS PREGNANCY.Desiring to defend helpless babies, I became a volunteer at my local crisis pregnancy center four years ago. I received excellent training from the ce...
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Setting Up an Abstinence-Until-Marriage Program in Your Local School

January 2006
By: Sallie Dewberry
Every pregnant girl knows the ultimate prevention method for pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease (STD) is abstinence. All the condoms and vaccines in the world can never be as effective as a simple, but determined, "No."Although the basic message is plain and simple, this solution works best ...
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January 2006
By: Tom Lothamer
The board member was stumped. He was speaking at a supporting church on behalf of his pregnancy care center, and someone asked how the center would advise a victim of rape or incest. Fumbling for an answer he said, "Well, I suppose abortion would be acceptable in those instances." It took two yea...
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Front & Center

January 2006
By: Jerry Thacker
One of the great things about ATC is the response we get from CPC/PCC directors and board members when we meet them in person or hear from them via email. It is clear that the magazine is meeting a real need for a print tool to help train volunteers, inform board members, and encourage center direct...
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