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October 2006
By: Robin Eldenburg
I remember the generic brick building. It stood there wedged between stores and office buildings. There were no lines of people waving signs in my face or protesting, something I had envisioned the night before as I lay in bed. I simply got out of the car and numbly walked to the front door.As I ner...
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Ask Nothing of the Journey

October 2006
By: Paula Smith
As executive director of a pregnancy care center that provides free layettes and infant clothing, I was delighted when I was asked if our center would like to receive gifts of handmade crocheted and knitted baby clothing for our clients' babies. I was surprised to find, however, that this offer of c...
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Centerboard: Call to Order

October 2006
By: Tom Lothamer
Not long ago I was invited to conduct pregnancy center board-training seminars in Peru and Ecuador. I did not know what they understood about running board meetings, yet I did know how vital this is for a ministry. I wanted to be culturally sensitive and not impose North American ideas of order&m...
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Front and Center: All you need is love...

October 2006
By: Jerry Thacker
More than just a lyric from a 1960s pop song, it pretty well sums up what it takes to get involved and stay involved with CPC/PCC ministry. A love for an unborn baby is what usually tugs at our heartstrings and motivates us to action. But beyond that, as Christ works a work of grace in our hearts, c...
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