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Finally Free

April 2006
By: Patti Pfeiffer
Why is the happiness so fleeting and the pain so lingering? Memories, please just go away. Haunt me no more. * If only I had known then what I know now. They never told me of the ensuing nightmares, year after year. They never warned me of the emotional war, fought inside the depths of my heart, min...
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Developing Your Ministry Financially

April 2006
By: Mark Hiehle
One of the keys to the successful development of every center or event is underwriting. Through underwriting, salaries can be covered, equipment purchased, conferences attended, or fundraising event goals met. Asking for money, however, is often seen as a necessary evil—a task that few enjoy or anti...
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Six Students Absent

April 2006
By: Brenda Morrow
As I sit in front of my classroom to teach, I survey my charming, challenging class—those precious twenty children with beautiful faces and minds that love to learn. They are quick to laugh, full of wonder and discovery, brimming with creativity, humor, and unlimited possibilities. These children wh...
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Servant Leadership

April 2006
By: Tom Lothamer
Americans have the privilege of living in a republic. We choose our leaders democratically, and they in turn rule by majority. Most organizations in this country copy this model for decision making, including schools, businesses, churches, and pregnancy care centers. The question is, "Should we auto...
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Front and Center

April 2006
By: Jerry Thacker
Not too long ago I heard someone say, "Management is cause; all else is effect." While that is probably true of most business enterprises today, I think with a slight modification the saying is apropos for pregnancy center work. Most will probably agree when I say, "Leadership is cause; all else is ...
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