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Marketing 101: Are Your Communications "Sticky"? Are They "Viral"?

April 2007
By: Jerry Thacker
One of the new terms used in conjunction with Web sites and other media used to communicate with the target audience today is the term, "sticky." It means, "Are you memorable?" Do you engage people and hold their attention long enough to deliver a message that will take your prospects to the next st...
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At the Rural Center: What's In A Name?

April 2007
By: Dinah Monahan
Women's Choice Pregnancy Clinic. "What a perfect name!" we exclaimed, as the first board members formed the ministry ten years ago. The word "choice" was what we were most excited about. We reasoned that the young woman seeking an abortion would see that word and come to us. It was a great name—if w...
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The Making of an Effective Counselor

April 2007
By: Linda Hull
Several years ago I had the privilege of serving in a crisis pregnancy center as a lay counselor. Those years have stayed in my heart and mind, forever impacting my perception about abortion and its victims.When I began, I was very ignorant. Although I had received some prior training in Christian c...
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Problems Become Miracles

April 2007
By: Mark Hiehle
Harmony Ierley, photo available at happens to everyone, probably more often than we care to admit. With the continual pressures and problems that come with ministry, we sometimes lose our focus. We begin to feel overwhelmed, inadequate, and burdened as though the weight of the...
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A Minor's Ability to Consent to an Ultrasound Examination and Pregnancy Related Services

April 2007
By: Thomas Glessner and Anne O'Connor
The law has long acknowledged that minors do not have the same maturity and capacity as adults to make many decisions. Areas where a minor's rights traditionally have been limited include: voting, driving an automobile, drinking alcohol, getting married, obtaining a tattoo, body piercing, and enteri...
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