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Standing Up Under Trials

April 2008
By: Mark Hiehle
Have you ever felt as though there is something missing in your Christian walk and experience? Have you ever wondered if there is a truth that you are missing, and if you only knew it, you could achieve real peace in the midst of trials, trouble, or pain? During times of intense pressure or even att...
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What Is She Leaving With?

April 2008
By: Rita Williams
Twenty years ago as I was about to enter Planned Parenthood, a man approached me and asked me not to go in there. At first, I was taken aback and offended that he was in my "bubble." However, the more he talked, the more I listened. Eventually I followed him to a crisis pregnancy center no...
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Finding Closure

April 2008
By: Jackie Longwell
I know that the Holy Spirit prompted me to turn on the television at a time when I ordinarily would not have done so. The program on the Christian station featured women talking about their abortion experiences and how they had found forgiveness and healing. The Holy Spirit was leading me to do some...
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A Different Kind Of Burnout: When Volunteers Feel Useless

April 2008
By: Anna Somers
Our director looked despondent. "Jeanie's quitting," she said. Jeanie had just joined the center as a volunteer receptionist. "Why so soon?" I asked."She feels like she doesn't have anything to do here." I could have guessed. You see—that's the same reason I was thinking of quitting.I was a voluntee...
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CENTERBOARD: Checks and Balances

April 2008
By: Tom Lothamer
"I can't believe Bill would do such a thing! I trusted him as a brother in Christ." The board member who made these statements was telling me about some recently discovered financial discrepancies at his pregnancy care center. Another board member, Bill (not his real name), had been writing check...
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