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I Cannot Forget

October 2009
By: Carol Wilson
As I sat in a theater waiting for a movie to begin, words spoken by a teenager who sat in front of me were etched into my memory. While watching a preview of "Eight Below," he said, "People get killed in movies and no one cries, but a dog gets killed and we cry."That teenage boy, sitting with his ra...
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TECH ADVICE: Teens and Social Media Use

October 2009
By: Ken Freeman
According to the PBS article "Media Shift" there is a fundamental shift occurring that will influence who visits your center and how they find your center History Social networking online has been around since the late '90s and the rise of Blogs have been around since the late '90s...
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A Different Kind of Prejudice

October 2009
By: Anonymous
When I first became a PCC counselor, it wasn't unusual for me to meet with women who had children in state custody or who were battling drug, alcohol, or other addictions. It seemed as though the majority of my clients were on multiple forms of state assistance, and sometimes I saw women who could a...
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Creating a Gift Registry for Your Center

October 2009
By: Pam Montgomery
The NeedOur clinic is always looking for new and interesting ways to create donor awareness as well as ways to make donating to our ministry easier. We frequently have Sunday school classes and women's groups hold baby showers for Birth Choice in order to contribute items to our mother/baby resource...
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CENTERBOARD:Decision-Making During Change —Part 2

October 2009
By: Tom Lothamer
My last article broached the subject of decision-making during change. I wrote about how centers engage in the process and what information they need in order to make appropriate changes. I also addressed the issue of who should be involved in this process. Our ministry recently hired an Associate ...
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