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The Secret to Counseling the Abortion-Minded Client

April 2009
By: Diane Ramirez
"What are your plans if your test is positive?""I'm going to abort," she answers.You thought you were prepared to counsel the abortion-minded client after taking the pregnancy center volunteer training. Instead of enthusiasm, you feel dread. Perhaps you are pondering questions such as:What if she th...
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A New Perspective

April 2009
By: Teresa Cook
I sat deep in thought at the nurse's station as monitors beeped softly from the darkened rooms of the four-bed intensive care unit. "Your patients are all stable," my head nurse had said earlier when she made assignments. "It should be an uneventful night."Since taking the report from Connie, the ev...
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Mandated Reporting:CPCs Must Be Above "Don't Ask, Don't Tell"

April 2009
By: Rita Williams
As a consultant for pregnancy centers, I've learned that one of the greatest fears in this work is the mandated reporting issue. In conversing with volunteers and peer counselors, I have heard that they would rather not know if a minor client is pregnant by an adult male so that they can avoid calli...
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Centerboard: Which Model Are You?

April 2009
By: Tom Lothamer
Is it a "working" or "policy-setting" board? In discussions with a prospective board member, I was outlining her responsibilities. At one point in our conversation, she promised that, if her membership on the board were approved, she would be a "working" member. I knew from her past history what s...
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April 2009
By: Jerry Thacker
Some things change; some things stay the same. With this issue of At the Center, you'll find several noteworthy changes. First, we've added two NEW features you'll want to read. "At the College Town Center" discusses the special opportunities and challenges that running a center near a college en...
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