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ARIN: Abortion Recovery InterNational

October 2011
By: Stacy Masséy
It all started with a phone call suggesting that we create an online database specific ONLY to after-abortion healing. It had never been done before! The idea was totally "out of the box." God seemed to prompt this idea a little further. What if that online database was a service of an association ...
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Dream to Vision to Reality

October 2011
By: Pat Stonestreet
At one time or another, every center director has a dream for the center. Taking that dream to reality can be an arduous task, but one well worth the effort. God clearly states in His Word that without vision, the people perish. It would not be much of a reach to also say that without vision a minis...
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Pregnancy Centers and the Local Church: Partners in Life or Adversaries in Ministry? — Part 3

October 2011
By: Elaine Ham
Congratulations! After several unsuccessful attempts, you have finally succeeded in scheduling an appointment with the pastor of the largest church in your community. You envision the possibility of a strong and lasting partnership that will be beneficial to your ministry and to his church, and you ...
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Project 180 Helps Teens Make a Turn for the Better!

October 2011
By: Lori Hatcher
She is bright, energetic, passionate, and shares a story as unique as she is. Outspoken and engaging, she is not afraid to tell how she navigated today's sex-saturated culture and emerged as a young adult with no regrets. Proclaiming a message of abstinence, Kimberly Poovey regularly speaks to grou...
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Centerboard: Stepping Up to the Challenge

October 2011
By: Tom Lothamer
IT IS EASIER TO KEEP A DONOR THAN TO RAISE ONE My column last summer reflected on the worrisome economic conditions of those days. Sadly, not much has changed between then and now. I continue to hear from friends about the struggles their ministries are facing. One told me that income in 2009 and 2...
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