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Surprise Baby

July 2011
By: Anne Schroeder
I was thirty-six and in the middle of the-mother-of-all-prideful-battles with my husband, Steve. We were hardly even speaking to each other. I was tired of our life. Tired of him. Tired of him being tired of me. But an ironic thing happened. My body told me the day after, but in those days before h...
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Pregnancy Centers and the Local Church: Partners in Life or Adversaries in Ministry? — Part 2

July 2011
By: Elaine Ham
Have you ever been frustrated by a friend who invited you out to lunch only to discover their real motive for the invitation was to sell you cosmetics or vitamins? Did the luncheon built on false pretenses grow your friendship, or did it disappoint you that your friend had been less than totally hon...
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Which Mother Will You Be?

July 2011
By: Kim LeBlanc
The privilege I have to talk with women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy is rewarding, frustrating, and challenging. Women in that position often feel like they don't have a choice and just want the situation to go away!  My job as a peer counselor is to show them they do have choice...
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Centerboard: Silence — Not Always Golden

July 2011
By: Tom Lothamer
Jeff* was recently elected to the board of a pregnancy care center. It didn't take long before he discovered that some previous decisions made by the board seemed contrary to good board policymaking and ministry development. He wondered about the background and rationale for those decisions.  ...
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July 2011
By: Jerry Thacker
On Memorial Day weekend, my wife and I watched a number of war movies. While most chronicled some aspect of the WWII battles, one or two were based on the Vietnam War and afterward. Most striking to me were the attitudes that were portrayed by the soldiers of the "greatest generation" (WWII) compare...
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