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New and Noteworthy

January 2001
By: Sydna Massé
Abstinence Survival Kit (ASK)This resource contains information about abstinence-until-marriage education. It discusses the differences between the abstinence-until-marriage plan (rationale and skills for saving sex until marriage) and the risk-reduction plan (skills for contraception and postponeme...
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Marketing 101: Effective Newsletters

January 2001
By: Jerry Thacker
Newsletters. It seems everyone has one, but few people know exactly what to do with one. In the next few issues, we'll look at using newsletters effectively. This discussion may seem basic to you, but it's important to get the basics right.First of all, try to identify and rank the purposes of your ...
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Do-It-Yourself Press Releases

January 2001
By: Marjori Masitto Krause
Yes, it is possible to get free publicity for your PCC! Several pregnancy centers are converting to medical clinics. Some are opening centers in new areas. Many others are doing walk-a-thons, banquets, and fund-raisers. Did you know all of these things could bring your center free exposure in local ...
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A Life Given in the Cause of Life

January 2001
In Memoriam: Guy CondonThe Pro-Life movement mourns the loss of Guy Condon. Guy, 46, was president of Care Net. He died in an automobile accident on Saturday, November 11, 2000. He had just delivered a keynote address at the Capital Hill Pregnancy Center in Washington D.C. and was driving home.Guy w...
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Post-Abortive Women Attack Roe v. Wade

January 2001
By: Kathleen Cassidy
As any coach knows, focusing solely on defense never leads to a win--you only lose more slowly. The emergence of a brilliant new offensive legal strategy has invigorated the frustrated Pro-Life Movement and will send the abortion industry running back to regroup. Countering the lies espoused by the ...
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