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Marketing 101: Emitting an "Audio Radiance"

January 2002
By: Jerry Thacker
An old broadcaster got tongue-tied one day on the air. Instead of referring to the listeners as the "radio audience," he called them the "audio radiance." While it was just a slip of the tongue for that radio announcer, it's a pretty good way to describe the character of some of the best marketing t...
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January 2002
By: Laura Baker
God will many times allow us to have what we want, but later we bear the sorrow of our choice!It is very sad to watch someone make decisions that you know ultimately will result in the devastation of his life. It is sadder still when he makes his decision in blatant rebellion against what he knows i...
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The Joys of Fundraising: Resource Development

January 2002
By: Tom Lothamer and Michele D. Shoun
A solid resource development program will take your eyes off the bottom line and give you a new perspective of the process of developing a wider array of resources. "It never hurts to ask." That's what my assistant, Linda, said after making the call to a concert promoter. I'd suggested she ask him ...
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Nickel-and-Diming It For Life

January 2002
By: Dinah Monahan
I am convinced that crisis pregnancy centers achieve the greatest impact for the least amount of dollars of any helping ministry in the country. Walks for Life, banquets, silent auctions, and golf tournaments are all staples in the pro-life pantry of fundraising. While these can be very productive, ...
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Learning to Love

January 2002
By: Debra O'Leary
God promises two things for our obedience: His presence andcomplete joy. Nothing in this world, no affection from friendsand no pleasure in self-interests, can come close to themeasure of satisfaction found in the joy of God's presence.The other day I was chatting with my very young neighbor about t...
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