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Good News, Bad News - Spiritual Warfare

January 2003
By: Mark Hiehle
How many times have you had someone begin to tell you something and start with the phrase: "I've got some good news and some bad news"? When my children went back to school after the summer break, it was good news at first, and then it turned into bad news. I was glad to get our home back onto a reg...
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Marketing 101

January 2003
By: Jerry Thacker
Baby Bottle UpdateThe Winter 2002 issue of At the Center included the article "Nickel-and-Diming It for Life." Dinah Monahan, executive director of the Women's Choice Pregnancy Clinic, outlined the process of raising funds by distributing baby bottles to be filled with change and returned to the cen...
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Printing Made Simple

January 2003
Compiled by Right Ideas StaffAH! THE JOYS OF PRINTING! You pay a lot of money. You wait several weeks. And you finally get a printed piece that may, or may not, look like what you wanted.While we're not going to address art, layout, and design in this article, please understand that you can look as ...
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For Such a Time as This

January 2003
By: Lynne Thompson
It wasn't exactly "Mr. Smith Goes to Washington," but it was very close. David Strobel, M.D., was a family physician from the sleepy town of Austin, Minnesota, population: 23,000.At a monthly meeting of the Mower County Medical Society, Dr. Strobel agreed to be an alternative representative at the M...
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For Ten Thousand Tomorrows

January 2003
By: Stephanie Rogers
I rolled over in the hospital bed, my cheeks wet with tears, and rang for one of the maternity ward nurses. • When a nurse answered, I sobbed into the intercom, "Please bring my baby. I want to see my baby right now." • "Calm down, Stephanie," the nurse responded. "I'll be right there." • As I waite...
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