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Marketing 101: What's In a Remembered Name?

January 2005
By: Jerry Thacker
I needed you. I looked for you. I couldn't find you. I couldn't wait for you. I couldn't find your ad. I couldn't remember your phone number. I went another direction. I don't need you anymore.While this adage of business emphasizes the need to be well known and always in the prospective client's mi...
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HOPE Baby Dedications Reach Clients' Families

January 2005
By: Pam Richards
PHOTOS BY ANNE GRANTThe baby dedication serviceprovides a cherished memoryfor the entire family and aloving story to be shared laterwith the growing child.Since Salem Pregnancy Care Center (SPCC) opened in 1985, God has blessed us beyond measure, strengthened our faith and resolve during times of tr...
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At the Rural Center: The Community Reinvestment Act

January 2005
By: Dinah Monahan
I had heard many times that banks were required by law to give some money back to their communities. A few months ago, I had lunch at a friend's home. Another couple was visiting from out of town. The husband, Larry Seedig, was genuinely interested in our ministry. He asked if our center got Communi...
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Big Rock Fundraising

January 2005
By: Ron Haas
In his book, First Things First, Steven Covey shares a story about a seminar instructor who used some simple props (an empty jar and a few rocks) to illustrate his point about setting priorities. "How many rocks do you think will fit into this jar?" the instructor asked. After a few guesses from the...
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Biblical Family Formation

January 2005
By: David O'Leary
I'll confess. I've yelled at my kids—many times. I don't yell at them much anymore—mostly because they are away at work or college now. So how can I talk about the formation of a biblical family? It's simple. I know the need for the grace of God. And grace is the foundation for a Biblical family. Th...
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